Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hola familia!

These past few days have been crazy! I won't lie and tell you that the first day I was super overwhelmed. Not in the missionary aspect but the language aspect. I sat in class and I could only understand about 60% of what the teacher was saying and I couldn't remember any of the Spanish I had just spent the last 5 years learning! I was super frustrated with myself especially because most of my district are natives expect 2 other people. At the end of our first class our teacher asked if any of us had concerns for being in this class and I raised my hand, so I went and took another placement test. The guy said that I would be okay in the class but I just have a lot of practicing to do.
I have been blessed with the companion that I have, Hermana Leos. She is from Yuma, Arizona and she is a native speaker and is heading to the Washington Vancouver Mission. One of her best qualities is that she is so patient with me. I came here not knowing how to even begin a prayer in Spanish but we make sure we take turns when we need to say a prayer as companions. My prayers maybe 5 minutes long and I only said 6 things total but she is willing to kneel with me and help.
Our whole district is going different places, but three are going to the Utah Ogden Mission. (the other sister companionship and one of the elders) Thankfully everyone in my district and zone are super understanding and patient with me.
I have 2 main instructors, Hermana Imbler and she served her mission in Peru and Maestro Lloyd. They are both really awesome and willing to help me. Hermana Imbler is actually one of our investigadoras and one of our other assistant teachers Hermana Richards is our other investigator. Tomorrow we teach an investigator that is not either of our teachers so hopefully it will go well. We don't have any language study because we should all know Spanish already. But I know I am here at this time for a reason.
But me being me I still get frustrated when we are teaching that I can't answer the investigadores questions because of the language barrier because I knew that I could give them the answer they want but only in English. So here I'm praying for the gift of tongues, but it is a different gift of tongues Taylor was praying for with African food. I can say on Sunday I know I was able to have that gift because I could understand Sacrament Meeting in Spanish I wasn't translating in my head at all. In one of my interviews with the branch presidency one of the members told me "If you think you are incapable, remember the Lord can enable." That has become a motto for my time here because I know that if I turn to the Lord He will help me because He doesn't want me to fail and He won't let me fail with His help. 
I will have one week of visitors' center training and we go to Temple Square twice! I am super excited about that. And because I am here an extra amount of time I might get to sing for some of the Apostles when they come train the new mission presidents! So I will keep you posted!
Gracias for your oraciones!(prayers) That is one thing that has helped me survive because I am able to communicate with my Padre Celestial about the things that are on my mind. I know that this church is true without a doubt! I love you all very much!
My address is 
Sister Abigail Hart
2007 N 900 E Unit  53
Provo UT 84602
Our mailbox number is 53

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

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