Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 1 in Arizona

 Sister Agaya and Hermana Hart

Hermanas Hart and Gonzalez

Dear familia,

This is so hard to write on an iPhone but I will get my iPad soon

after some training. I don't even know where to begin! First of all on
Sunday the quorum of the twelve were there but they had the building
on extreme lock down. I needed some information for Monday being by
myself so I was able to see Elder Bednar and Cook from a distance!
Then Monday I was adopted into another temporary district for meals
and when I wasn't in class with my teachers. That makes 3 districts in
the MTC! I think I set a record! We were on the same flight as
President Jenkin's daughter. President and Sister Jenkin's and the APs
met us at the airport and then we went to the VC and the temple. Then
we had lunch and interviews with the President. In my interview with
President we talked about patience and how sometimes high achievers
forget to have patience with themselves and he counseled me to have
patience with myself and being a missionary and learning Spanish and
serving in the VC because in all three situations I am only a beginner
and the Lord knows that. Then we got to take a nap! After our nap we
were picked up for our missionary experience. I had the opportunity to
go to the VC with Sister Makaya that first night when it was planned
for me to go out with some Spanish sisters. I know because of the
experiences I had that night I was supposed to be at the VC. I got to
help a girl know what she needed to be doing next in her life and what
the Lord wants for her. But the best was a an old man who had a rough
couple of years and I was blessed by the Lord to receive revelation on
behalf of the man through the Spirit. If I can make my whole mission
like that first night I'm excited to see what the Lord has planned for
me in AZ. The next day was zone conference with the Whole mission and
I was asked to share my experiences from the night before! I was
assigned to be companions with Hermana Gonzalez she is from Cali but
is originally from El Salvador. She is awesome and patient with my
Spanish. I already lover her! She has so much to teach me! Our area is
awesome there is so much work to be done. We have a baptism date set
for July 25 but we are working on having h come to church. We came
into 2 new investigators yesterday with we wet trying to clean up our
potential investigators! My companion is so good at talking to
everyone. It is so hard fore to do it in Spanish but it will come with
time. I went on splits already with some sisters in our ward who are
moving! We cover one ward with elders but the one ward covers a whole
stake so we split the area. I love the food here! I've already been to
Backyard Taco and missionaries get a discount! I bore my testimony in
Spanish for the first time besides when I'm teaching. ;) I'm glad to
hear that the boys are doing so well in swim and Ashley is riding
horses! I guess i will have to find someone who likes to lifted much
as me. Mom I know that just like 1 Nephi 3:7 says the Lord gives no
commandment unless He provides a way to do it. So just keep being
patient with the Lord's timing. I know everything happens for a
reason! I'm good as of right now! That's great Sarah comes home soon!
What was your favorite part of the 4 of July? What is the next big
thing planned to do for the summer? I always love hearing from you!
I'm so blessed to be serving in Mesa right now and I know this is
where the Lord needs and wants me!
Con Amor,
Hermana Hart

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