Sunday, August 23, 2015

2 Months!

August 10, 2015

Dear Familia,
I can hardly believe that today marks 2 months! It feels like I (well
Mom) just packed and I came from the MTC. But I have reached the end
of my first transfer! It has been so amazing I have learned and
experienced so much and there isn't anything I would trade for this
time. We are fed every night by members, but because we are in the VC
every other night, the elders bring us the food from the members those
nights. But the members are really great in our ward! Which brings me
to our Visitors' Center Schedule. We don't have exactly the
same schedule every week but we switch every other night. So one day
we are there in the morning and the next at night then the next day in
the morning and so on, except Sunday’s. We keep the same schedule every
week so all the sisters can go to their wards, and Mondays we are in
the VC every other week from 6-9. This last transfer we had 20 sisters
in the VC with 5 companionships every shift with 5 sisters doing full
field work. But this coming transfer we only have 4 companionships on
each shift, and 8 sisters doing full field work. I am staying in my
area with Hermana Gonzalez.
As to surviving the heat, I am not doing too bad but I also think it
comes in handy that at least every day I spend 6 hours inside in
strong AC. But this week we had a day that was 121* F and we were
sweating just standing in one place for like a minute. But everyone is
sweaty so it's okay!
Wow we had a miracle with the Book of Mormon this week with a family.
We are teaching the grandma and little girls currently and working on
reactivating the mom. We went over Thursday to give the grandma a
large print copy of the Book of Mormon that she asked for. She has
been involved in the church for a large portion of her life but she
never read the Book of Mormon. And so we started from the beginning
and we read the 1 Nephi 1 with her, as well as the 7 year old girl,
who eagerly carries her Book of Mormon everywhere. We invited them to
read the Book of Mormon every day for 15 minutes. Then on Friday we
had a lesson with all of those we are teaching with the girls' Primary
teacher. The best part of the lesson was when the grandma told us that
she had read for her 15 minutes that day! Following that the mom and 2
girls went to church yesterday. I cried when I saw them in
the foyer waiting to come in I was so excited and grateful! I know
that as we continue to read with them and they read on their own the
Lord is going to work miracles.
Thank you so much for the food ideas and recipes! And we should be
getting a blender soon, so yay for smoothies! :) I am glad to hear
that Gram and Papa are doing well! How are Grandmother and Grandpa
doing? What are you most excited for this school year? I am excited
for you Mom, and I know you will be a teacher that every parent will
request to have their child in your class! It sounds like the usual
crazy fall sports life is about to begin. I hope everything goes well
while you are getting ready for school and sports.
One thing I have come to learn these past few weeks is the power the
Book of Mormon has to keep us spiritually fed throughout our crazy
weeks. I know that as you continue to read as a family you will be
able to be efficient in everything you need to get done. Because we
are putting God first when we take time to read the Book of Mormon
every day.
I admit at first it was hard to be into family history because it is
difficult but as we understand that we are helping our family members
obtain exaltation as we do their work for them then we understand the
why of what we are doing. That is why I'm here on a mission to help
others come unto Christ so they can obtain all of the blessings the
Lord has in store for them. But they can't progress without taking the
steps the Lord has already set out. When we do family history work we
are taking the physical steps for our family members who have passed
on, while they are taking the spiritual steps on the other side.
Indexing helps others do the work for their families!
I love you all so much!
Con amor,

Hermana Hart

We are so sweaty, but happy.

I've never seen this before!

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