Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 17, 2015

Dear familia,
Well it has been one hot week! It reached 117* on Wednesday but
thankfully I was in the VC that night so we were only out there for
like 2 hours. And on Tuesday was the crazy dust and thunderstorm! And
we were in our area, so we got to experience it not just look through
the VC windows. Wednesday was transfers but everything stayed the same
for us so we didn't go to transfer meeting The next two transfers
after this one we are focusing on health and doing a 21 day health
challenge and a 5k at the end and I'm so excited! Wednesday night we
were in the VC and Hermana Gonzalez and I started God's Plan for His
Family, but they needed a Spanish sister to help at the Christus, so
Hermana Gonzalez went to go help there. So I ended God's Plan on my
own. While the last little film was playing I was worrying about what
to say, which I know I shouldn't and I'm working on breaking that
habit, but the film ended and I needed to end the presentation. As I
moved to the front of the little room there was one more person there
than when we had started it for some missionaries and their less
active and recent convert and a small YW group. I felt prompted to ask
if anyone would like to share anything. The YW leader shared that she
had recently had a baby and was excited to see her grow up in the
gospel. This new person shared that they lost their baby that morning,
and shared their testimony of the plan of salvation. The Spirit was so
strong it felt like you could physically touch it. I was so shocked
that I had no idea what to do. I just froze there. One of the elders
started talking and the other went and hugged the man. It gave me
enough time to put myself together. I am so grateful for the Spirit
and that the Lord can put into our mind what we need to say during
times like this. I am so grateful for experiences like this. I know
that they are changing who I am. Thursday our car died as we were
trying to leave the gas station. And we asked people who were getting
gas as well if they could jump our car but none of them had jumper
cables so the elders in our ward came and helped us out. We called the
elder in the office in charge of cars to see what we needed to do and he told
us to drive on the freeway for a while. So we took a quick tour of
Mesa as we drove around. We visited one of our investigators before
correlation, and we had to have them jump our car again. I don't know
what I was thinking, but as I was getting ready to back out I turned
the car off and our investigator freaked out for a second but the car
started up on its own this time. Which was a tender mercy because I
don't want her to not like me. Friday we had Preparation Meeting (a
weekly meeting we have for the VC every Friday morning to receive
training and things we need to work and focus on) and Hermana Gonzalez
and I gave a training on starting and ending films. After Prep meeting
we went and fixed our car. It didn't help that neither of us knew what
we were doing beyond just getting to the dealership. But eventually we
got things figured out. While we were waiting to be picked up to go to
the mission office to study, we met Michael who works at the
dealership and we had an interesting conversation about his beliefs
and feelings towards the church. Then that afternoon we had an amazing
member present lesson with our investigator Ana about the law of
chastity. The members experiences and testimony could not have been
more helpful with the Spirit! Then that night in the VC we met
Anthony. He was waiting for his friend, who was in the temple, at the
Christus. He started talking to us and told us that he has had member
friends and neighbors most of his life. He went to mutual and
priesthood but he was never asked if he wanted to meet with the
missionaries. His exact words were "yea I've always wanted to convert
to your church". Sister Gonzalez and I were just freaking out! We gave
him a Book of Mormon and got his information so we can teach him on
TC. Friday was just extra good! On Saturday I learned to make salsa with a sister in the ward and all it is, is jalapeƱos and a little salt and I put
in most of them with seeds so it is SPICY! We set a baptism date for
our investigator, Jaime, for August 29. We are so excited to see him
progress and see the hand of the Lord in his life, as well as the lives
of our other investigators! I feel so blessed to be serving here on a
As for surviving the heat I drink A LOT of water and just accept the
sweatiness! There is no denying it here! I am so excited for Austin!
That is such AMAZING news! I made a commitment to be a better member
missionary when I go home! I am sending a letter for him to our house
so could someone please take it over to him?
I have an invitation for you all that you could ask the missionaries
if you could fellowship anyone they are teaching in our ward and go to
a lesson with them or have the lesson at our house. Or maybe if there
are people that you could have an FHE with. Because those are great
opportunities and ways as members you can help in missionary work.
I hope that everything will all come together for you mom as you get
ready to teach this week! I know that you will do an exceptional job
and the students will love you! Boys enjoy your last week of summer!
What are you most excited for this school year? Dad how are things
going at work?
I love you all so much and I thank Heavenly Father every day for you!
I know the church is true and that God has a plan for each one of us
and so as things happen in our lives that we don't understand we can
find peace that Heaven Father knows exactly what is happening and why
it is happening! I love you!
Con amor,

Hermana Hart

You could say I have a love for peanut butter!
I shared the fresh ground with the sisters when we went to Winco.

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