Sunday, August 2, 2015

Christmas in July

July 27, 2015

Dear familia,

I had Christmas in July this week. I did receive my iPad without any
problems! It has been such a blessing because we are able to be more
effective as a companionship! This week has been so crazy but a good
kind of crazy! Tuesday was my VC exchange and it was helpful because
we talked about my goals for my time in the VC. My VC Trainer is
Sister Kohler. Wednesday night I had my first area exchange with our
Sister Training Leader Hermana Greene. It went pretty well but because
I'm still so new to our area and she was supposed to be in the VC that
night she just joined me and my companion in our area. Thursday we had
Zone Conference and its main focus was the Book of Mormon. It was
amazing to receive answers of how we can help our investigators
progress by helping them gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon
because it has answers for all questions and concerns. But it is not
exactly the words as to how we can receive answers, but really through the
power of the Spirit we are able to feel as we read with a desire to
know. It was just so amazing! President Jenkins's 10% (where he talks
about no mission related things) was about temple marriage. And as
we were heading to lunch he told me he has high expectations to see me
in the Boise temple, but I told him I still have 17 more months until
I have to worry about that and that it could possibly be the Meridian
temple. ;) Then Friday was the Pioneer activity at the VC. 1800 people
came in a three hour period! I have never tried to entertain and teach
so many people! Every hour we have a program of singing and stories of
the pioneers. It was CRAZY but really good! We dressed up as pioneers!
Then that afternoon we had 3 week training and I received my iPad!
Saturday at the VC seemed so slow compared to the day before! Then
Sunday we taught the 5 year old Primary and then we were in charge of
singing time in Primary. But it was a great day at church!
Well we don't have any new progressing investigators at this time. We
had one, Jessica, until she dropped us on Wednesday with Hermana
Greene. :( Then there is Froylan and he said he wanted to go to church
with us even without a lesson and he lifted our spirits on Monday but
then we went to go pick him up on Sunday and he didn't answer. But we
know that the Lord sees how hard we are working and we are going to
see progress in our area! As for experiences in the VC we actually had
a Spanish tour 2 weeks ago and one of the elders was someone I went to
EFY with. But that is a side note. This week, I can't remember off the
top of my head which day, I started talking to a couple and she told
me that her husband had just been baptized the week before and that
they were actually married the same day. And then she started telling
me how they got there and her life story. It is amazing how strong of
a bond you can make with someone so quickly through the Spirit. They
are now working to be sealed in the temple next year. I told them I
will still be here then and now they are going to send me an
invitation! It is so amazing how happy other people's success can give
someone else! I am so grateful everyday for my calling and the
opportunity I have to serve here in Mesa and in the VC even if there
are 1800 people there!
This week I read Mosiah 2:41 and it talks about if we will keep the
commandments we are promised everything we need here and never ending
happiness! Who doesn't want never ending happiness! And it comes
through doing simple things. Now they aren't always easy but they are
simple and they can be done! I have loved this focus on the Book of
Mormon and what a blessing it is in our lives!
At the zone conference there was something that an elder leaving at
the end of this transfer said in his testimony. "If you are struggling
be grateful because you are going to grow." Not that I'm struggling,
but our area is a little but that just means that its growth is
I have been studying more about the Sabbath too so we can help our
investigators understand the importance and have a desire to go to
church. I love the perspective that Sacrament is our hour with the
Savior, a time to focus on Him. I think we will use that this week to help
our investigators.
I am so excited for you Mom to be working this next year, but also you
will have time to do what you want. That's great news that Josh was
able to do so well in his swim meets. He is going to be a strong little
fish! I hope Caleb didn't smell too bad when he came home! Enjoy the
next few weeks. Before you know it it, it will be Christmas once school
starts! It sounds like you have just had a party all summer! I love
you all so much! I know this church is true and that Joseph Smith was
a prophet called of God. And that as we diligently search we can find
any answer as we read the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for my
pioneer heritage and the sacrifices that they made so we can have the
gospel on the earth today. I love you!
Con amor,
Hermana Hart

                                   I'm a Pioneer!                                                    My Christmas in July

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