Sunday, August 9, 2015

Miracle Week

August 3, 2015

Dear familia,
This week was truly a week of miracles! It started off great with your
package coming on Tuesday! Thank you so much for everything! I love
the picture it is on my dresser. Then throughout the week we found 4
new investigators! After dropping with faith so many of our previous
investigators it was a little discouraging, but the Lord was just
waiting to bless us this week! We met Melinda who went to church with
her coworker a few weeks ago and is truly searching for a church that
can help her in her life, as well as her family but they aren't
interested right now. (I mean her family members because she wants to
meet with us) Then we met Delfino who is actually the dad of our
investigator who said he would go to church with us without having a
lesson. He is open to learning and he has a testimony of so many
principles of the gospel! And yesterday we met Jesus and Angel. Jesus
has been to church before and remembers some of the things. And Angel
is a neighbor of one of our referrals we have been trying to teach!
There were so many more miracles that happened too! But one of the
other largest was on Saturday we went to teach a referral that we had
tried to send to the elders because it is in their area but it kept
coming back to us. We decided we could be first contact and then pass
them on to the elders. Well there was a police standoff at the
apartment building we needed to get into so instead we decided to
visit a member who lives in a different building. Hermana Gonzalez
told me that the family lives in #41 and was so certain about it. We
knocked on the door and an African American man opened the door so we
definitely knew we hadn't knocked on the Garcia's door. We introduced
ourselves and were able to share a little about the gospel. He
recently moved in so we just acted like the Garcia's had just moved
out and he moved into their apartment. He said he would like for us
to come back! As we walked away Hermana Gonzalez checked the Garcia's
apartment number and it was not 41 in the records! The Lord works in
mysterious ways!
This Saturday was my first baptism! Her name is Vanessa and she is the
sweetest 9 year old and another 9 year old the elders taught was
baptized in the same service. It was so beautiful to see Vanessa set
such an amazing example to her younger siblings! I played the piano
and boy are my skills rusty and it is confusing because the Spanish
Hymnbook is not exactly the same as the English one. But we made it
through and I'm grateful for the opportunity you gave me to learn how
to play the piano. 
A tender mercy that happened today was I was checking out at Walmart 
and a lady came up behind me and I was having some trouble with the self 
checkout and there were some other checkouts opened but this lady was 
waiting for me to finish. She started calling the employee over to help me and 
I thanked her and thought she was going to take her things to the other checkout 
stand that was empty but she kept waiting for me. Then as I checked out she
payed for me! I am so grateful for such amazing members here!
Dad the VC here is referred to as the "miracle box" because so many
miracles take place! The other week I met Josh. He recently moved into
the area and was checking it out and found the VC. He was by the Book
of Mormon table looking at the different questions that it has that
are answered in the scriptures. I asked him if he had read the Book of
Mormon before and he said he hadn't, but that he wanted to buy one. I
was so amazed so I went and got him a copy and again he offered to pay
for it. We talked a little bit more about the Book of Mormon and what
he knew about the church. He said he had member friends but they never
talked about it so he didn't know much. He had enough time that I had
the opportunity to start the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration
movie for him. And in the introduction of the film I taught him the
Restoration lesson in 5 minutes! I had to leave because my shift at
the VC was over but I was able to get his information so I could call
him when we had time to teach over the phone. Well this last Wednesday
we got the chance to talk to him and he has read the ENTIRE Book of
Mormon and remembers so much! He said that it makes sense that there
were prophets here in the Americas. So we invited him to pray about it to
know that it is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. It was so
amazing. The Lord has definitely prepared him. As for teaching in
Spanish, in the VC we have the opportunity about once every 6 hour shift.
Some days more than others, but that is what it averages out to be.
This week I read Mosiah 24: 14-15 and I truly love these verses
because it teaches us that we have trials and challenges so the Lord
can help us learn and grow, which is something that is often taught.
Something that I think gets left out a little bit is that we have
trials and receive help from the Lord so we can be a witness of Him
and his enabling power. I definitely saw this the past few weeks and
this week that has been such a blessing.
P-days we have studies and go grocery shopping and these past few
weeks we have played games with our zone in the morning or afternoon.
We have gone shopping and also spent time relaxing in our apartment.
When it cools down there are lots of hikes to go on! So I can't wait
to do them! My language skills are coming along. I can teach simply
most of all the lessons which is good because I need to teach simply
anyways. I can understand some people better than others so sometimes
I feel like the Penguins from Madagascar where they just smile and
wave. Because I just have to smile and nod.
I'm glad you enjoyed your mini vacation before school starts this
month! Also that Ashley had a great birthday! How is Grandmother and
Grandpa and Gram and Papa doing? After I watched God's Plan for His
Family I just kept thinking about them. Mom do you have a classroom
theme? Dad have you been able to find people to fill the positions at
work? When do sports start this season?
I am so grateful that we have the blessings of temple marriage in our
family and that we will be together forever! It is so amazing to have
this blessing and the opportunity I have to share the gospel so others
can have it too!
Con amor,

Hermana Hart

Our "little" Visitor Center friend


A taste of home

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