Sunday, August 30, 2015

"WOW" is all I can say

August 24, 2015

Dear familia,

Thank you for delivering that letter to Austin! It is always great to
hear from you guys!

This week has been so amazing! Tuesday we had district meeting and
those are so great! I gave a training, or a mini lesson, on how the
Book of Mormon is able to change the lives of those who read it. This
is possible because as we read the Book of Mormon we are able to learn
more about Jesus Christ and his Atonement, and as we come to
understand the Atonement and his grace it becomes natural for us to
want to follow His example and be obedient. Wednesday in the morning
we were in the VC and there was a man just laying on the front steps.
Sister Ashton, who is one of the senior couples at the VC, went out to
talk to him but he only spoke Spanish so Hermana Gonzalez went out to
translate. While this was taking place it made me think how the Lord
works in mysterious ways because if he sat in front of Walmart he
wouldn't have received the same attention. 
Thursday morning was the temple and it was so amazing! It is such a great 
opportunity to be able to be in a place where you can feel the Spirit so strongly, 
as well as the love that Heavenly Father has for each of us. On Friday I
met my "twin" everyone in our ward, as well as other missionaries, say I
look like. She is a sister who went home in December. She came this week for a
wedding and visited the VC and our ward. I wasn't thinking and we
didn't take a picture. But we look similar, but it is how we act that
is the most similar. Saturday we volunteered at the opening of the
Mesa part of the Light Rail and it was crazy hot and we wore light
blue volunteer shirts. So it was a whole lot of awkward because
everyone could see how sweaty I was. We found so many new
investigators this week. It helped strengthen my testimony that the
Lord is always preparing people to accept the gospel and it is up to
us to find them by finding with faith. Last night we went to visit a
referral we received from church headquarters who said we could come
by another time earlier in the week. As we walked up her driveway
there was a couple who was just returning home, so we started talking
to them and the man said that they didn't have time but he asked if he
could give us his number so we could call him! And the lady we came to
visit told us that she wasn't interested in learning more. So we knew
that she said “yes” earlier so that way we could meet Herman and Blanca!
In the VC I met a man who is currently living in a men's shelter even
though he has a job and it is because he sends all of the money to his
wife and kids living in another city. He hasn't seen them for 3 months
but he wants to provide for them so he just lives in the shelter for
free food and housing. I was just amazed at how dedicated he is to his
family and fulfilling his role as a father! As he left he said “I
wasn't planning on finding anything today. I just road the light rail
until the end and I saw the Visitors' Center.” Another experience of
the Lord leading people to where they need to be whether they know it
or not. Overall this week was so great it is so hard to come up with a
title for my email. Another thing about yesterday is that we went to
go teach a potential investigator that my companion had taught once
before I got out here. She knew he was very religious and a member of
the 7th Day Adventist Church, but as we were teaching him yesterday he
told us that he is the leader of the church! So it was a little
intimidating you could say.

Dad forwarded the email from Jordan and if it was this last Saturday I
was in shift and could've seen him and he didn't come. But if it is
this week we are in our area Saturday night this week.

This week we have interviews with President and Sister Jenkins and so
they asked us to read some talks to prepare. So this week I read "Ask
in Faith" and "Pray Always" both by Elder Bednar in back to back
General Conferences. They helped me understand prayer better and how
we should be praying and how I can improve my prayers. You should read

How did the first day of school go? When should Ashley hear back from
Farmstead? When does Josh's games start? Is Caleb still doing cross
country? Do you still get to go to yoga? Do you have any plans for
traveling anywhere for work?

This week has been such a blessing and after all of the different
people I have met this week and learning about their experiences I am
so grateful for the Gospel and the knowledge, hope, and peace it
brings. I am so grateful to have such an amazing family and know that
because of the restoration of the Gospel we are able to sealed in the
temple to be a family forever. I love you all so much!

Con amor,

Hermana Hart

Hermana Hart with Sister Jenkins

Our own "Candy Bomber"

It is not a very good picture but there is a cute old man that comes
by super often bringing granola bars. And he always tells us to write
our parents! He's the cutest!

Hermana Hart with her friend Elder Stiles. 
They were at the MTC together for a short time.  Elder Stiles
and Abby were originally scheduled to enter the MTC on the same
day until Abby's date changed.

I'm getting pulled over! But not really!
We see police with their lights on on a daily basis. It just makes the
nights so much more exciting!

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