Monday, September 14, 2015


September 14, 2015

"Next door neighbor and mission neighbor"
(Jordan Mahlandt lives two doors down from us.  He is
serving in the Arizona, Tempe mission)

Dear familia,

This week has gone by so fast! And I can't believe it is already p-day
again! This week on Wednesday I saw Jordan. It was crazy! Meet the
Mormons had ended and so there were a ridiculous amount of people
coming out of the theatre, but because he is so tall it was pretty
easy to see him. We definitely took a picture. Tuesday we met Efrian,
and taught him the Restoration and he said that he was in shock, but
the good kind. Thursday we had exchanges and Hermana Gonzalez was in
our area and she said that when they stopped by to visit him he had
stayed up until 2 am reading in the Book of Mormon! Which is amazing!
Also she met with Rosemary who we have been working with the whole
time I've been here, and she has been reading the Book of Mormon for
15 minutes every day! It brings me so much joy when our investigators
keep their commitments, which I know is helping them come closer unto
Christ. During our exchange we went to go do service and we thought we
were going to put together food boxes for the food bank but instead we
organized the clothes of the thrift store in the front. On Friday when
we were at Sassy's a missionary mom behind us asked to take a picture
to send it to mom because she had received her first one the other day
and it made her cry. Because I was home when we received some of them
from Taylor I had an idea of what it was like. To follow up on a few
of our investigators, Ana y Dina, they are making plans to get married
to their boyfriends! We know that they are truly sincere in trying to
live righteously. On Friday we received the official news that the VC
will be closing the 21st and so all of us sisters will be in our areas
the whole day, or full field. I'm excited to experience full field so
early on in my mission. And what is crazy is that transfers are on the
23rd so things could be way different! Yesterday we had a really great
lesson on the Sabbath day during the 2 hour block. I love the emphasis
that the leaders of the church are putting into the Sabbath day
because I know that we are performing renewing our promises with
Heavenly Father on that day, and so we should be prepared to do so.

As for giving the healthy living training I was asked to do it both
times, but it was great! I know that Mom you will soon figure out a
system and routine that will help you get everything done! I am so
happy to hear everything is going well at home! Keep up the hard work!
So this is so short but I don't have much time today.

What are some of our favorite family homing lesson ideas? I have
seemed to have forgotten them all.

I love you all so much, and so grateful to be a missionary and see how
the hope the Gospel brings change lives!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

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