Sunday, September 6, 2015

Talking with Everyone

August 31, 2015

Dear familia,

This week has been a good kind of crazy! My testimony of talking with
everyone has grown so much this week as we were able to find several
new investigators this week by just talking to people whenever we
possibly could. At first it can be really awkward, but once the Spirit
is part of the conversation it goes away!

Like you saw, we had our interviews with President and Sister Jenkins
this week! It was so great! I learned so much from them even in our
short time together. I had a few minutes left with President and I
asked him what his advice would be for me so I can be a better
missionary, and he had the same advice; be patient with myself. I guess
I'm not very good at it, so I'm going to keep trying and I know that I
have the strength of the Lord to rely on.

 This week we met Stephanie and she was baptized when she was 9 with
her mom but she never really went to church or learned about the
gospel. She is so curious and has so many questions. It is great! Her
uncle or dad, we are not quite sure, was a referral given to the
English sisters but he can only speak Spanish so they gave us the
referral. We went later in the week and we met Stephanie! On Saturday
I had my first 24 hour exchange and I was so nervous the night before
because I was going to lead the area. But that night turned into a
miracle night. One of them was that there was a huge monsoon, and I
was on exchanges leading the area. All of our plans for the hour had
fallen through, and so I was looking at what we hadn't been able to get
to earlier in the day. We had some contacting in an apartment complex
or visiting a lady, Patricia, we have never been able to contact
because she was always sleeping. We talked about going and doing the
finding but when I looked at my iPad I saw Patricia's name.  I knew we
needed to go see her. When we pulled up to her house it started to
rain, and as we talked to her son it started to poor down rain so we
went inside while we wrote a note for his mom. Just then the power
went out and it was almost pitch black. I could barely see Patricia's
outline and I was starting to panic because I was in her house and we
had never even met! We got out the iPhone to use the flashlight so we could
introduce ourselves to her. She is so sweet and because of the storm
we were at her house for about an hour just getting to know her. She
even told us that her kids should wake her up when we come over! When
the storm calmed down enough that we could leave she asked if we could
leave with a prayer. The Lord does guide us through
the Spirit for safety and to work miracles.

I'm not quite sure what happened to the man on the steps sadly. But
that the police were able to get into contact with him. I feel safe in
our area.  We just see so many police cars because we drive by some
of the more questionable parts of Mesa, but we're safe. Don't worry.
We have interviews every other transfer. And we have an interview with
President and Sister Jenkins separately for 10 minutes each because
they focus on different subjects. This time we talked about Book of
Mormon study with President and prayer with Sister Jenkins. We didn't
eat anything strange this week, but we had some really good carne
asada yesterday and some delicious tacos earlier in the week. The
health challenge is supported by President and the mission nurse. And
it starts tomorrow! By the way this Friday I gave a training in
exercise at the VC and I'm going to give one this week at our Zone
meeting. So if you have any ideas I would sure love them! I'm good.
But are you using the black lunch bag? Because that would be all I

What is your favorite subject to teach? How many students do you have?
When are the boys' first meet and game?

I love you all so much! Don't be scared to share your testimony!

Con amor,

Hermana Hart

Sister Kohler, my visitor center trainer


Christmas Lights

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