Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wins all Around this Week!

September 7, 2014

Dear familia,
I heard that BSU won their first game, so I know there were some very
happy people back home! Also heard that USU won their game too! And
here in Arizona was very productive and filled with miracles. So I'd
say everyone won this week.
To answer your question, I write so late because usually we are out
doing things in the early afternoon like grocery shopping and washing
the car. We also share a car so we are doing a lot of car trading so
things get crazy until the middle of the afternoon. But today we went
grocery shopping and the other sisters dropped us back off by 12:30.
 The Christmas lights picture is from our service last Monday. They
have already started preparations for Christmas lights. We were
wrapping lights around wire that they put on top of the trees to
prevent damage to the trees. It was great and I can't wait for
Christmas time! Time is going by so fast! I can't believe that I will
have been gone for 3 months this Thursday! I'm loving every minute of
it here!
The health challenge started this week! And it has been pretty easy so
far, especially when I don't even buy any of the things we can't eat.
The hardest is when there is stuff at the VC to eat that we shouldn't.
Member dinners don't count, so when you feed the missionaries and you
don't have a treat don't feel guilty or feed them fruit instead. :) 

Earlier this week we had a lesson Ana and Dina and they are both making plans
to get married so they can continue to progress! We were just so
excited to hear that. As we walked away from their apartment we had a
little freak out moment! 

We started teaching a couple, Jesus and Maria, this week. He has been to church and loves priesthood meeting,and works with members, but his wife didn't know very much about the church before. It is amazing how quickly and strong the Spirit comes when we teach the Restoration. We are working with them to read the Book of Mormon, and gaining their own testimonies of it. 

On Thursday, I gave my second training on physical fitness in our Zone Training
Meeting. As I was preparing for this one I thought of all the valiant
men in the Book of Mormon and how they had to be physically fit to be
able to do all that was required of them, especially Nephi.  It is even
mentioned twice that he was of large stature. Once before he prays to
have his own witness of Lehi's dream, and another when he was with
Zoram. The most important thing I learned while I was preparing is
that our spirit is as limited as our body. If we want to be able to
act upon the promptings of the Spirit then we need to be in a
physical state where we can respond quickly and have the energy to do

On Friday morning in our preparation meeting in the VC we had a
psychologist come talk to us about being happy. She explained to us
that our thoughts determine our mood so if we think positive we will
be positive. She gave us a list of how our negative thoughts are
distorted, and that we need to change our thinking process. The things
she taught were so helpful! 

Yesterday we were in the VC at night and we had a great lesson with Jose Luis, who is 75 and lives inCalifornia. He has read all of the Gospel Principles manual because some how he got a copy several years ago, so he called into a few weeks ago because he wants to be baptized! When we called him,he told us he had something from the Book of Mormon he wanted to
share. He read 2 Nephi 31 and pretty much taught us the Gospel of
Jesus Christ! His story helps remind me that everyone has their time,
so when all that happens is the person we talk to accepts a Book of
Mormon, in a few weeks, months, or even years, when they pick it up
and read it the Spirit will testify to them that it is true.

Wow Caleb you are pretty fast! :) Keep up the good work. I'm sure this
week will go great. One thing that I have learned while on my mission
is that there is a reason days come only one at a time so that is how
we should take them. Mom, I know more often than not, our prayers or
concerns are answered by other people, just like all the prophets and
apostles have taught.
Did you do anything fun on this long weekend? Did you ever go boating
this summer? Any fitness or healthy eating challenges happening at
home? :)
I know that the Book of Mormon is true. And that we can find answers
to any question if we read with an intention to act on the answer that
we receive. I know that this gospel is true and that there is nothing
else in the world that can bring us the happiness and peace that the
gospel brings into our lives when we live it. I know that much of this
joy comes through our families. 
Happy anniversary to both sets of my grandparents (Gram and Papa yesterday and Grandmother and Grandpa next Sunday)! I am so grateful for your example and that you were both married in the temple. And that our family will be able to be together forever! I love you all so much!

Con amor,

Hermana Hart

PS.  I forgot to answer a question.  
As for Spanish speaking, all of our investigators speak Spanish except
for Alek and Abri and they are younger girls which is common here. The
parents speak Spanish but the kids don't speak very much, but they can
understand it. If we find someone who only speaks English or would
prefer to go to an English ward we pass them on to the English

The sunsets are beautiful here and often are in blue and orange

The sisters quickly learned my favorite thing is to have my hair played with :)

Food Challenge!

"Saw these cute sisters at lunch today!  We had a quick visit talking about how gorgeous Boise is!  It was my first visit there and we really enjoyed it!  My nephew married Kourtney Nelson.  Your daughter seems healthy and very happy! " (We received the picture and message this week from a member in Abby's area .)

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