Sunday, October 4, 2015

Half + Half = A whole

September 28, 2015

Dear Familia,

So great to hear that everything is going well, and everyone is
improving! There has been a lot of improvement here in Mesa as well!
The storm wasn't as bad as they prepared for because there wasn't as
much flooding as they expected but there was a good hour where it just
poured down so hard. But the desert will take whatever water it can

As I said last week that this week was transfers, and I had to
say good bye to my trainer this week. That was really hard because her
teaching style was all I really knew, and I started again with a new
companion. But Hermana Gaskell is great! She is from Oregon and has
been out on her mission one transfer longer than me. She likes to
sing, dance, and she laughs at everything. Which makes me feel good
about my jokes. She is gluten intolerant and so this transfer I am
going to be gluten free with her. She didn't learn Spanish before her
mission and so if you add our abilities together we equal a fluent
Spanish speaker. :) Because of the condition of our companionship and
leading the area my Spanish had to improve and I really have to try to
discern their needs and concerns. But that is one of the greatest
blessings for me this week: the gift of tongues. I don't know
everything they say but the Lord blesses us to know and pick out
certain phrases and words that will help us know how to help and teach

We had a really amazing lesson with one of new investigators, Ana. She
has come to church twice on her own, and she has a desire to attend
church! We were teaching the Restoration and as we began talking about
Joseph Smith. She began talking about how he established the church on
the earth. And it was just so amazing to see how prepared by the Lord
she was. Another tender mercy from the Lord was when our investigator
Jesus came to church yesterday. I almost started jumping up and down
when I saw him in the chapel! I can't wait to continue to see their
progress these next few weeks with more time in our area.

Not being the VC feels like a part of my mission is missing honestly,
but at the same time we have had more opportunities to find and do
service. Which I really love! My favorite member meal was shrimp and
fish tacos with coleslaw and pico de gallo. As for the health
challenge, I did pretty good except for the last few days before it
ended. But now we are preparing for the 5k in November and Hermana
Gaskell is really into it so that makes me so happy and excited! I
loved General Conference! I want to be Great Aunt Rose! And as I serve
as a missionary I want to help others be more happy! And I loved in
one of the first talks that talked about how our trials are preparing
us for eternal life.

This next transfer is going to be really great as I learn to rely more
on the Spirit and the Lord to be able to communicate with the people
we come into contact with.

I loved seeing Ashley's pictures! Feel free to send me more of things
that take place!

A challenge I want to give all of you is write down 3-5 questions or
concerns you would like answers for, and then watch General
Conference. I know that you will receive an answer to every single one
if you allow the Spirit to teach you. So pay attention to your
thoughts and feelings as you watch.

What are some of the best ways that have helped you prepare for
General Conference? Also what are some ways that you prepare for the
Sabbath day?

I love you all so much, and I know that the Lord never calls us to do
things He knows we can't handle. And that He is always there to help
and is cheering us on! Keep up the great work! Remember to "live after
the manner of happiness"!
Con amor,
Hermana Hart

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