Sunday, October 11, 2015

Just Embrace the Awkward

October 5, 2015

Hola familia,

This week has been filled with so many awkward moments. To be honest,
when you have two pretty new missionaries together makes first
contacting so much fun! We usually start with the basics: their name,
how they have been, and their family. We don't know a whole lot more
and so we jump right into teaching the gospel. Which is great but
sometimes very awkward!
This week we were sent a referral for a part member family and we
stopped by at the beginning of the week. The mother's name is Juanita
and she has 6 kids, and she is so great. She is not a member and has
been to church with her in-laws and really likes it. I can't wait to
continue to work with her! We also taught Ana, who has an adorable
little boy, and she is so amazing! I am so grateful for the
opportunity to teach and work with her. 

As for General Conference, it was so inspiring! I went with 5 questions and 
all 5 were answered in the first session! I know the promise of going prepared 
with a desire to learn and receive answers is so true. We watched it at the stake
center so we would say hi to the members in the Spanish room before
and then go to the chapel to watch in English and we would go back to
the Spanish room at the end. As a missionary it is so much more
amazing because not only was I able to receive personal revelation ,
but also revelation for my investigators. I loved all of the talks so
much, but I think one of my favorites was from Sunday morning when the
speaker talked about the influence of covenant keeping women. I can't
remember his name right now, but I just really liked it because this
transfer we are trying to work more with the members because we have
more time. As for a theme, they really focused on the basics of the
Gospel and strengthening our faith in the true doctrines of the

That has been one great blessing with being full field because
I actually feel like I know the members. We have the opportunity to
eat in their homes every night rather than every other night. Also, we
are blessed to do more service. It is amazing how much service
softens the heart of others. 

The other day we met a woman and invited her to General Conference and
she invited us to her son's birthday party. It turns out she was a former investigator!

I have started my ponderizing with Mosiah 2:22. What are your
ponderizing scriptures for this week? I just absolutely love this
idea. Usually my brain is going 100 mph thinking of all the things we
need to do or teach our investigators, and so many other things but I
have enjoyed taking a few moments to think about the scripture and
have a feeling of peace.

I am so grateful for General Conference and I know that the leaders of
the church are really inspired for what we need to learn and do these
next few months before the next conference. And I am already excited
to read and study a talk every week!

I love you all so much! I love hearing that your sports are going
great! I know that as a family improving the Sabbath day observance
will make the rest of the week so much better! Keep up the great work
and say hi to Elder Mahlundt for me! I love you!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

(She sent this picture with no caption.  I'm not sure why she sent it, but her
companion doesn't eat gluten so Abby decided to go gluten-free as well.  I am
guessing this their attempt at gluten-free cookies.)

Abby's Zone

Hermana Hart & Hermana Gaskell

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