Monday, October 19, 2015

Sharing the Gospel in Kenya!

October, 19, 2015

Hola familia,
Thank you so much for the package! I already ate all of the peanut butter trail mix it was so good! And the service clothes will come in handy for these next few weeks of full field time. I don't know quite how I feel about 100*+ in October. It is almost Halloween and it feels like the 4th of July. But I truly love it here! 

This week we ate s'mores when we had dinner at the Bishops's house. I never thought that I would eat s'mores on my mission, but apparently it is a tradition for them every fast Sunday (and this past Wednesday). Which I thought was pretty cool! 

On Tuesday was exchanges and Hermana Anderson is my new STL, and she had Hermana Gaskell go to her area so I spent my day with Hermana Greene my old STL. I can honestly say I haven't knocked on so many doors in one day in my mission than this last Tuesday. But by having days like that I have learned that if I am doing what I am supposed to and being where I'm supposed to be then everything works out. After 2 hours of knocking and no one answering, I saw someone walking towards us so I told Hermana Greene that we were going to go talk to him. As he came up to us, he willingly took out his headphones and we talked with him  and we got his information to give to the English elders. It was a tender blessing to have  the opportunity to share our testimonies. 

On Thursday we had Zone Conference, which was so amazing! I learned how to better prepare lessons for those who I am going to teach.  Also, how to overcome trials here on my mission, as well as after. What it truly comes down to is relying on Jesus Christ and His Atonement. He has already paid the price and we just need to give it (the trial) to him. 

Saturday we called a lady who lives in Kenya! Her name is Dodoh and she is a referral from the Teaching Center from Kate who lives in Netherlands! She is so great and is willing to meet with the local missionaries. We looked up the city where she lives and she happens to live in one of the only 3 stakes in Kenya! What a blessing! 

Yesterday was the Primary Program and it was so cute. All of the kids wore red, white, and black. The Primary may have been half the size of the one back home, but they sang their little hearts out! We had invited so many people to church and they said that they were going to come, and we were so excited! By the time church started no one we had invited had come. Halfway through I glanced back and saw a less active sister with her husband on the back row. We hadn't seen her all week, and so I almost started to cry as soon as I saw her. 

As for ponderizing,  I pick a scripture from my daily scripture study that I had during the week that I really liked. But I didn't do a very good job this week and I really liked Mosiah 23:10, so I am going to do it again. The Visitors' Center is at least on schedule but it might actually be ahead of schedule. Its projected finish date is Thanksgiving so we are not quite sure where they are at. But I did mail in my name tag so it can be part of the new missionary exhibit. I think it would be so cool to have my name tag as a part of the Visitors Center I served in. :)

I am so excited for the work that is going on in my area especially working with the members and helping them endure to the end! And enter the temple.

How has the Book of Mormon study as a family been going? What have you recently learned? 
I love you all so much! And thank you for your prayers! Don't be afraid to let your light shine!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

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