Sunday, October 18, 2015

What you do just to talk with someone :)

October 12, 2015

Dear Familia,
It is amazing how quickly the weeks go by because it was just a few
days ago that I wrote home. I know that the weeks go by because we
have so much to do. This week we started working with several less
active members in the ward. It is really interesting to hear their
conversion stories and how the Lord prepared them to receive the
gospel. We met Hermana Sierra and she has such an amazing testimony of
the Book of Mormon. We also visited the Familia Martinez, and they are
the sweetest people I have ever met. The two girls play the violin and
viola, and after having a lesson with them on Wednesday we saw them at
dinner when we went to Denny's. And the younger girl came over and
gave me a hug and it was just the greatest! 

On Friday we were supposed to have a lesson with some men that we 
had met a few days earlier, but they weren't home. :( We have been cleaning 
up our area book and putting in addresses for all of the investigators I had found
with Hermana Gonzalez. And so we decided to go through the apartment
complex to put the right number with each investigator. As we were
headed over to our new investigator, Jesus's apartment (different from
the previous Jesus, who we are teaching with his wife Maria) he opened
the door before we got there because he heard knocking. When he saw us
he invited us over to tell us what he had read in the Book of Mormon,
which was the introduction and the testimonies. The best was that he
described them to us in detail! He went to Mexico this weekend but he
said that he was going to go to church with his friend down there. We
were so excited! 

On Saturday we volunteered at the triathlon, and our
shift started at 5:30 am and so we got up at 4:30 and it was like I
had just closed my eyes when the alarm went off. But the Lord truly
blesses His missionaries with the strength and energy that we need
because at home I wouldn't have made it through the day without a nap. :) 

Yesterday at like 7:30 we stopped by one of our new investigators',
Juan and Yolanda, house but they didn't answer, but as we walked away
we passed a lady pushing a stroller and we said hi but continued to
walk in the opposite direction.  A few seconds later we realized we
needed to go talk to her so we turned around and tried to catch up
with her. As we were just behind her I didn't really know what to do
or say to get her attention with out being awkward.  Well, long story
short, we pretty much gave her a heart attack. And so that gave us an
excuse to apologize and then continued to talk and walk with her. By
the time we had finished talking to her we had made it all the way to
the store with her, but she said that we could come by her house and
talk to her some more! :) So she didn't think we were too crazy. 

This week we had a great lesson with Ana, and she is so amazing and she
just continues to absorb the gospel! We were so excited to set a
baptism date with her, but at the beginning of our lesson she told us
that she has moved out to Chandler. :( We still set a baptism date,
and she is so sincere and told us that she wants to pray about it to
know that this is what she should do. We are just so sad that we have
to pass her on to the Gilbert missionaries, but we know that they will
take care of her.

A typical day in the field is getting up and working out, either
running or going to the gym, then studies. This transfer we are
focusing more on Preach My Gospel, and President Jenkins invited all
of us to read 6 pages every day. I decided to read it in Spanish
because I know it will help me be able to teach better and express
myself better. And I read in the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes as
well. I read the Book of Mormon in Spanish during language study out
loud for at least 20 minutes to help with understanding and
pronunciation. During the afternoon there are often service projects
or we even have several investigators who can only meet in the early
afternoon. After dinner, we teach most of our set lessons with our
progressing investigators and do a lot of street contacting as we are
walking to our appointments. 

As for our area it is about 3 miles away from the temple at some parts 
and others more like 10. But we have several apartment complexes as well
as a few square miles of houses.

My ponderizing scripture is Mosiah 23:10. My last one was Mosiah 2:22.
And I just have to say that Mosiah 2 is probably one of my most
favorite chapters because there are so many promised blessings that we
can find in it. My favorite part of this scripture is when it says the
Lord never goes back on what He has said. I love scriptures that
include always and/or never because we know that it they are constant
consequences good or bad.

Have you changed/ adjusted anything since General Conference and what
you learned? By the way I received a call from President saying I have
a choice to either come home with the transfer that ends on November
14 or December 27. He was going to check with church headquarters to
find out if they are going to send any missionaries home in between
Christmas and New Years, but it would be around that time. I would
like your thoughts and opinions about it.

Thank you so much for all the love and support that you send my way!
It means so much to me! Keep up the great work, and some of the best
missionary work can be done by just being a good example because
people will recognize the difference. I love you all so much!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

5 am selfie!

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