Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Few Firsts This Week

November 16, 2015

Dear Familia,
Wow this week has gone by so quickly! There just isn't enough time in
a missionary day! This last Monday, we met a family from Chile and they
are gypsies. So now Hermana Aguilar and I are trying to figure out
what they believe and what they do all day. We went back over on
Tuesday and my companion tried to guess what the dad's name is, and
she tried to say Henry in a Spanish accent so it sounded like honey,
and he just stared cracking up. He thought it was the greatest thing,
and he told me if I called him Bunny, he could be Honey Bunny, but we
told him that we would just stick with his real name, Jose. They are
just so interesting! 

Also, this week we taught the Restoration to Laura
and her whole family sat in on the lesson! That was one of the first
times I have had a whole family sit in on a lesson! 

Another first for me was on Saturday I attended my first live sealing of a 
couple in our ward! I was so worried that I wasn't going to understand it, 
but the sealer was a native English speaker and so I was able to understand
everything, with the help of the gift of tongues. :) We were
able to sit in the temple for like 30 minutes before the sealing
actually happened, and I am so grateful for that time. I absolutely
love the temple! I know that they are the house of God, and that
Heavenly Father's desire is that all of His children be able to enjoy
all of the blessings He has for them. Temples make it possible to
gain access to some of the greatest blessings He has for us! Along
this theme there is another family in our ward that will soon be
getting sealed in December! After the father told us we were both so
excited.  We just talked about it all the way back after the fireside we
went to with him and his daughter! 

Yesterday I played the piano in Sacrament meeting, it was a little bit of a 
struggle for the sacrament hymn because I never had to play for Sacrament 
before, but that's alright. It went pretty well, considering I haven't practiced for
almost 5 months. :)

It has been cooling down here quite a bit. Not enough for snow, but
enough that you need a jacket in the morning and at night. It is so
weird because it has the feeling of an Idaho spring, but people are
putting up Christmas lights and decorations.  I love this time of
year so much! I am so grateful for this time I have to serve a
mission, and help others understand the blessings that come from
living the Gospel.

The VC opens this Tuesday at 5 pm, and so tomorrow we have training
from 9-3 and my first shift in the remodeled VC is on Wednesday at 3-9
pm!  Next Friday, Christmas lights start! 

As for today during our day we played chair soccer with our zone this morning, 
and then did studies and cleaned and then we were going to a lunch for another
sister's birthday but they never showed up so we went to the mission
office. And we are finishing up emails and prepping for the week.
Tonight we have a few FHEs with members and investigators.
That is so great to hear that Jordan is doing so well! It is still
crazy that I was able to see him before he left a while ago, but it
feels just like yesterday. Also on Halloween we went to the temple at
night, and on the way in there was a group of elders and we started
talking to them. When they said they were from Tempe, I asked if they
knew Jordan. One of the elders said that he was his companion for a
while, but all of them only had good things to say so I am sure he was
a great missionary

I am so grateful for my area and the members and my companion, Hermana Aguilar! My
ponderizing scripture for the week is Alma 53: 20-21 about the
stripling warriors. 

Keep up the great work family! I love all so much! Live in thanksgiving daily!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

A couple in Abby's ward that were sealed in the temple.  
Abby and her companion were able to attend.


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