Sunday, November 8, 2015

Big Plans Ahead

November 2, 2015

Dear Familia,
I am glad that you were able to visit Logan! It is so weird to think
that it is cold everywhere else. This morning it was 60* and I thought
I was going to die! :) 

As for funny this week, our recent convert,
Jaime, told us he had a card game and if we lost we had to eat these
little red chili peppers. If we won, he had to. We thought there
was no way that we would lose, so we said yes. But we lost! And so I
just swallowed the first three, so they made me eat three more and chew
them. At first they weren't hot, but after about a minute my eyes
started watering and I just couldn't stop. They took a video so I will
try to get it to send to you in the future. 

This goes along with my best lesson this week. We are teaching Jaime the 
new member lessons but we have him teach us the doctrinal points. This 
last week his cousin Fernando came to visit from Mexico, for like a month, and Jaime
had already talked to him about the Restoration before we came over.
Yesterday Jaime helped us teach the Plan of Salvation to Fernando, and
Fernando accepted the invitation to be baptized at the end of this
month. I was so excited I didn't even know what to say after he said

This Saturday we received transfer news and I am staying in Liahona
First! Hermana Gaskell is leaving me because the VC opens back up
November 17. My new companion, Hermana Aguilar, is coming back. She
previously served here, but we are going to need that because we are
keeping my area and white washing the elders area. So the 2 of us will
be covering the whole stake by ourselves. And with Christmas lights
starting on November 27 and so the last two weeks of the transfer we
will only have 3 nights in our area! I am interested to see what the
Lord has in plan for this area and me and how we can grow! I am a lot
of nervous, but the Lord and President Jenkins know what they are

As for Spanish, I think I grew the most this last transfer with Hermana
Gaskell because I had to learn as quickly as possible. I still have so
much to do to improve, but I think back to being in high school where
I was so scared to even say one sentence in Spanish and now I spend at
least 1/2 of my day speaking Spanish. It would be different in a
foreign country because I don't have to use Spanish everywhere I go,
so I'm learning it a little slower than others in foreign countries, but
it is definitely coming!

My ponderizing scripture is Alma 37:44-45. I am so excited to
ponderize this because it teaches about the blessings of following the
words of Christ!

I was asked if I wanted to run a 10k on Thanksgiving! The race is
sponsoring 10 missionaries to run and so I will get to run the mission
5k on Monday and the 10k on Thursday. I am so excited! That being said, for
Christmas all I really need are new running shoes because I will have
broken down my current ones. :( other than that my only other ideas
would be CDs for the car. But I am truly doing really great! Thank you
so much for your support! And keep working hard! Happy Birthday Dad!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

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