Monday, November 9, 2015

Double the Area, Double the Love!

November 9, 2015

Dear Familia,

Transfers happened this week, so my companion and I are officially
over the whole stake! It is so crazy how big our area is, but as the
news has spread that we are the only companionship in the ward, the
members have told us that they are there to help us in any way. This
helps me relax a little bit. 

This week we found Laura and she lives in,
what used to be the elders area.  She was trying to help her
daughter, Danna, with her homework, but Laura doesn't speak very much
English so she was struggling. So we went over Saturday to help Danna
with more of her homework.  We read the Giving Tree with her. I love
that book so much! Laura said that she wanted us to come back when
her husband is home, too! We are so excited to work with them more! 

We also found Jesus, and he is only 18 years old, but he looks so much
older. We had such a great Restoration lesson with him and we had one
of our ward missionaries, she is a little older.  At the end of the
lesson, we invited him to say the closing prayer.  At first, he didn't
want to, but Hermana Lujan told him how her dad told her that we all
have to be brave and she helped him say the prayer! It was so amazing!

This Sunday we had a regional conference and we watched it in Spanish
so I struggled a little bit to understand everything. What I
understood the most was that I need to simplify everything and focus
on the things that are most important.

As for running, I run 6 miles every Wednesday and on Saturday we run
the 5k course. My shoe size is 8.5. I have been blessed to be serving
where I can run at the tracks of the local high schools. 

My companion, Hermana Aguilar started her mission here in Liahona 1st just like me!
We have not been companions before. Hermana Gaskell, who just was
my companion, is a full proselyting missionary. This last transfer,
with the VC closed, most of the VC sisters had full proselyting

Taking over the elders area has been so interesting. At the same time we have been 
able to find more people. We are still trying to get used to using 2 phones 
and 2 area books. White washing means that two new missionaries are put into 
an area. We have to rely on the area book and notes of the previous missionaries to know
what is taking place. We have the benefit that I have been a part of
correlation meetings, but we still have to meet all of their
investigators. It is definitely a challenge that I am learning a lot

In the teaching center we chatted with Paola from Mexico and she
has read part of the Book of Mormon and has recognized the difference
it makes in her life! We are going to call her tomorrow!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? How are the Mahlundts doing?
What have you recently done for FHE?
I love you all so much! Keep pressing forward!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

Hermana Gaskell - This is pretty much how we feel when we come home every night.

Hermana Hart and Hermana Aguilar

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