Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mission Tour!

October 26, 2015

Dear familia,
It sounds like you all enjoyed stake conference. Something Dad
mentioned was reading the Book of Mormon with a focus on a topic. I
have done that ever since I got to Mesa. My first time through I
focused on the Enabling power of Jesus Christ and this time I am
reading with a focus on prayer. How they are said, how they  received
answers, and what happened after/before. It is so amazing to read it in a
different light every time. 

This week for service we worked at a local food bank and we also did some 
member's dishes for her. I love service
so much! 

The Visitors Center doesn't have a program necessarily, but
every night there is a concert on the front lawn. One night as VC
sisters we have our own concert!

As for this last week, we had our mission tour with Elder Sitati from
the 70. He gave a talk in the April conference, and he is from Kenya!
On Wednesday he gave a fireside with his wife for everyone, and so in
order to go we had to have an investigator, recent convert, or
prospective elder with us. We invited two of our progressing
investigators; one rode his bike to the wrong building and wouldn't
make it on time. But our other investigator that we really wanted to
come came after we called her 10 minutes before it started to remind
her. :) She had to follow my Spanish directions so I prayed so hard
that she could find the building, and she did! As we were leaving she
told us that all of her questions from the lesson we had the day
before had been answered! Then on Thursday we had our meeting with
him, and he really focused on us being the best disciples of Jesus
Christ we can be and then everything else will fall into place. 

Our investigator who went to the wrong building is Jerry, and he is one of
the greatest blessings for me. He has one of the greatest desires to
enter in God's kingdom than any other person. He told me that he can
see the light in my eyes and he asked that we help him have it in his.
I don't know why but when he said that it made me realize how much just
being an example is allowing me to share my testimony without words.

Transfers or I guess changes are next week. This transfer most of us
VC sisters have had full-field sisters as our companions. So my mom
moved out of our area this last transfer, and I think I will be in the
same area for this next transfer as well. I will let you know next

This week it was like 60-70 in the morning and it was so sad because
it felt like I needed a coat! When in Idaho we would still be wearing
short sleeve shirts! But it is still pretty warm during the day. This
Pday we made cinnamon rolls! Sorry this is a little shorter than
normal just not enough time today. My ponderizing scripture is Alma
17:11 this week!
What is everyone going to be for Halloween? Are there any great plans
for this weekend?
I love you all so much! Keep up the great work at home!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart
PS President Jenkins informed me last week that Utah State crushed BSU
a few weeks ago! :)

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