Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stars Were Gleaming, and 6 Months Coming

December 7, 2015

Dear familia,
It is crazy how fast the weeks go by and I can't believe this week I
will have been out for 6 months! I still feel like I am brand new here
in Arizona, but I absolutely love it! Life with the Christmas lights
is crazy! We only average about 2 hours in our area every day, which
is really tough to be able to see all of our investigators. But I know
that Heavenly Father is taking care of them. And right now my
companion and I are still covering the whole stake, but next week there are
transfers so we should be having more elders come and join us. It
will be such a blessing! But it has been really fun serving in the
elders area! 

How much Spanish I use depends on how much time we are
spending in the area.  When we are able to spend a whole day in our area I
use Spanish for about half my day, but on average we use Spanish for
1/3 of our day when we are in the VC.

On Tuesday was our Christmas celebration and temple trip, which was
amazing! For the celebration part we just had lunch and practiced the
songs we will sing for our concert at the VC on Christmas. But I love
it every time I have the opportunity to go to the temple!

P-days are a little tough because we get up an hour later and then we
end an hour earlier for Christmas lights, and that is why my emails
are a little bit shorter and so scatter brained. But it is definitely
worth it because of the people we are able to meet and help start
their conversion process. Yesterday a man came up to me and told me
how much he loves how he feels every time he comes to the visitors
center, and I asked him if he wanted to learn more about how he could
have those feelings all the time. He was so excited. And it was such a
blessing to see someone so amazed to receive a Book of Mormon. :) It
was like it was Christmas for him. And miracles like that happen
frequently at the VC during the lights, and it is a gift and blessing
from Heavenly Father to be apart of them!

I don't remember any of the members from the stake coming and doing a
presentation, but they might have after I left. But I am sure that you
will be able to do a great job. 

A Savior is Born is a favorite here.
We actually show it at the VC so I see it at least 5 times every day,
but it is so powerful that I will watch it over and over any day. I
haven't seen the devotional so I will have to watch it sometime soon,
but I heard it was amazing! And I am sure it was!

I hope you can all make it through these next few weeks until
Christmas break, but don't lose focus on why we truly celebrate
Christmas. I know that Christ is our Savior and because of Him we have
the gift to be better everyday! I love you all so much! Have a great

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

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