Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Lights are Shining Brightly

December 14, 2015

Dear Familia,

We are sadly half way through the Christmas Lights, but it is so
amazing what takes place every night. This past week on Friday night
there were 6500 people who came in! It is so amazing to be a part of
something like this every night! This week I met a family who are
looking for a religion because they are both from different religious
backgrounds and they want to find a happy medium. So I had the
opportunity to give them both a Book of Mormon, and share with them my
testimony of how it has blessed my life. I am so grateful for the Book
of Mormon and the opportunity I have to feel Heavenly Father's love
every time I read it. 

A big event this week is that we received transfer news, and I will be leaving 
my first area. And so now I will be heading to Arboleda, a Spanish ward, and 
will be white washing 2 English wards with Hermana Weight. She is from 
Salt Lake, and is a swimmer and has 2 brothers. That is all that I really 
know about her for right now. I will second half train her (because she came last
transfer and has another transfer of training) as we white wash
English wards. I am not quite sure how it will work, but I know that
everything will work out somehow! It will be a new adventure! :)

One of the greatest blessings from Christmas lights is all of the
referrals that come from the people who came and loved their time!
Tonight we have a lesson with a family who came and wrote on their
referral card that they are waiting for the missionaries! We are so
excited! Especially because we are in our area tonight instead of the
VC, after 10 days! It is weird to only teach in the afternoon, but we
do what we can and the Lord definitely works with the rest. We are
currently teaching a few moms and their children when they come from
school, as well as a few other women who are home in the early
afternoon because we have to be in the VC by 5 pm.  I am so excited to
work with the people in Arboleda and Hermosa Vista and Leanora wards!

I will be finishing the Book of Mormon this week and it amazes how
much I learn every time that I read it no matter if I just read it.
Focusing on prayer this time, and how the people pray and also the
answers they receive. I never realized before how many times an entire
chapter is an answer to a prayer. And because of that I have been able
to see how Heavenly Father answers my prayer from the morning through
out the day.

It is so great to hear that there is a Christmas puzzle being put
together! Thank you for the Christmas package I did get it! The
stocking is so cute! I'll hang it up once I move. :)

I love you all so much! And hope that you can enjoy this Christmas
season and don't forget why we truly celebrate Christmas! And think
about what you are going to give Christ for Christmas. I am still
narrowing it down so I will let you know next week! :) 

Again I love you so much!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

Hermana Aguilar and Hermana Hart

Abby did not give me any explanations on the pictures 
she sent this week.  These may be Visitor's Center sisters.

A couple of sister missionaries and Herman Hart and Herman Aguilar

I asked for pictures of her and Hermana Aguilar with the Christmas lights.  She said
that will be difficult to arrange because the lights turn on after they have arrived 
at the visitor's center and turn off before they leave.
She said she would try to arrange something.

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