Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tis the Season

Dear familia,

It is official. Christmas lights started on Friday!  First of all, I
didn't forget Josh's birthday because I had a card for him, but I
forgot to put it in the mail box at the VC, so it will be here this
next week. Sorry Josh! But happy late birthday!

As for Thanksgiving, I ran the 10k in the morning and I can't believe
that I would run that on a daily basis!  But I love it so much!
Afterwards we came home and did our studies, and sisters we car share
with had the car so they could go to their dinners and so we did
things to prepare our area for Christmas lights. We went to the VC and
our members dropped off our dinner because all of our members were
eating after we had to be in the VC but I was perfectly okay with that
because then there wasn't over eating. :) We had chicken that was
really good, but to make it a true Thanksgiving we ate some of the
other sisters' leftover turkey with our dinner! I was amazed by how
many people came to the VC and most of them weren't missionaries. I
was so happy for that because it is always better when there are lots
of people to talk to. 

Friday was the first of Christmas lights, and there were so many people. 
During this time and the Easter Pageant we have zebra companionships, 
which means that one of us speaks Spanish and the other English.
This is so much fun because we get to know the English sisters and
serve with them! 

Friday morning a family came into the VC and they
were from Meridian! They told me that Rocky Mountain (where their kids
go to school) beat Mountain View in the football State championship,
but it was really cool to meet people who live just a few miles away
from our house! 

Yesterday in church the pianist texted us right before
sacrament meeting asking if I could play the piano for her, so I said
sure! But I wasn't thinking about how I hadn't even practiced. When
I went to go tell the bishop, he thankfully had picked songs that I
somewhat knew how to play. 

It is so weird because with Christmas lights.  We go to bed by 11:30 and 
so we don't get up until 7:30 so our days feel a little strange, but definitely 
worth it! Our whole mission performs on Christmas Day, but the VC sisters 
don't ever perform by ourselves. This week is our temple trip / Christmas party!
Which is so great! I love the temple so much!

It is always so much fun to hear about your missionary work at home!
Our stake president gave us a challenge to give to our members and I
want to give it to you. Throughout the course of the next year,
get to know our neighbors three houses out on both the left and right
side, because that is where our missionary work starts out!

Any plans for a Christmas puzzle this year? When is everyone's
Christmas concerts?
I love you all so much! Keep up the hard work!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

The Nativity Room at The Visitor's Center

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