Sunday, January 31, 2016

Learning from Apostles to teaching in Canada

January 25, 2016

Dear familia,
I'm glad to hear that every one had an exciting Monday last week! 3 day
weekends are so weird on a mission, especially on Mondays, because then
all the stores are even more crazy! I do serve with Sister Walker's
friends. They serve in the Visitors Center with me! They are really
awesome! As for challenges; it's finding enough time to teach everyone in
our area and also be in the Visitors Center. And on top of that
finding a good balance between the 3 wards for teaching and working
with them throughout the week because easily with meetings and the VC
we can be left with only 10-15 hours to work in the area. Especially
this week with so many big meetings for the whole mission. But
Heavenly Father definitely blesses every effort we put forth to use
the time to the best of our ability! 

On Pday we went shopping!  And the regular Pday things except on Tuesday
because this week is transfers and they were trying something new to
have transfers and moving day all on Tuesday and so we got some weird
looks as we were at Walmart, but it's all good!

This week was pretty crazy with all different kinds of things
happening! On Wednesday we watched a missionary broadcast with all of
the other missionaries around the world and we were taught by some of
the apostles and members of the Seventy and Sister Oscarsen who are
over the missionary department. We were all preparing to be a little
chastised but in the end they were all just trainings on how we could
be better missionaries! I loved it because I will be on my mission for
at least the majority of 2016 so it allowed me to evaluate my goals I
made concerning my mission. And then a follow up to that meeting on
Saturday, we had the opportunity to meet with Elder Neil A Anderson and
Elder L Whitney Clayton and the member of Area Seventy! It was so
amazing and we reviewed what we learned from the Wednesday meeting and
also received some more training. I think my favorite part was when
Elder Anderson talked about how every missionary has a sacrifice they
have to make to be on their mission and give their whole heart to the
Savior and that we can find it by getting on our knees and praying.
Then we have the choice to make the sacrifice or not, and that can
determine how our missions effect us.
esterday I had the opportunity to Skype one of my investigators from
the Visitors Center who lives in the Netherlands but was visiting her
family in Canada! It was so amazing to be able to finally teach and
talk with her face to face! She has been investigating the church for
a while and has finally chosen to be baptized in April! Which is also
when one of our investigators in our area can get baptized! It will be
such a miracle month, but I want to make February and March just as
significant too!

This week we found Luis and he is so amazing! All of the things he was
saying was pretty much what you would have a scripted investigator
say.  He is a tender mercy from Heavenly Father because we have
tried our best to clean out our area book as to who is really
interested and who is not and our numbers were starting to shrink, but
Heavenly Father allows our paths to be crossed with those He has
prepared as long as we are willing to open our mouths. We had
walked by Luis as we were on our way to see an investigator, and when
we came back he was still outside, so we knew this was our chance! From
farish away, I awkwardly asked what he was working on in his car, even
though my knowledge of cars is very limited, it allowed a little leeway
for a conversation. He said we could come back another day after we
gave him a Book of Mormon. The other day we went by and he told us
that he had read what we had invited him to! And said he wants to
continue to read so he can learn more!

Blessings of the Visitors Center: A family from my previous ward, who
were preparing to go to the temple, came in and so I got to see them!
And they are going to the temple on Saturday! It is so exciting to see
the blessings of the restored Gospel come in others lives as they work
diligently to progress.

So as for my ponderizing scripture, it is Enos 1:12 because I want to
work on laboring with more diligence.

Any big plans for February?

I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for
all the love and support!

Con mucho amor,
~ Hermana Hart

Hiking on Pday

Skyping with Kate

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Directors, well sort of :)

January 18, 2016

Dear familia,
It is always so much fun to hear about your fun adventures, and also
no one broke anything skiing the other day! There is definitely no
skiing here in Mesa, but there was some snow earlier in the year in
other parts of our mission. It is weird because I don't really need my
jacket unless we are going to be standing outside for longer than 30
minutes. I can say I don't miss the cold at all!

I did receive the gift card but we haven't gone shopping yet, but we
will some time soon! And I absolutely love my new running shoes! They
are so great and comfortable! I am doing great! And I don't need

This Friday the Camerons, the VC director and wife, returned home to
Utah. I learned so much from them and it was sad to say goodbye but
they had worthily completed their mission. And the Ashtons, came back
from the MTC as our new director and wife. The Ashtons were previously
serving here as a senior couple and the Howells, the newly called
director couldn't come, and so the Ashtons were called to be our
director until next January. They are so much fun and this morning we
watched the Emma Smith story with them and all of the sisters from the
VC! And had breakfast!

Earlier this week we had another lesson with April, who is the 17 year-old
we are teaching, and she told us that she wants to be baptized and she
will just wait until her 18th birthday in April if she has to! We hope
it can be sooner, but it just shows her desire and willingness to
follow the example of Jesus Christ! 

Also we met the wife of a new investigator we found the week before! 
Both times we went by really late and so on Wednesday we are going to 
have a lesson with them. They are both so amazing! They both love the idea 
of eternal families.  I just hope that I can help them in the best way that they 
can learn how to achieve that for their own family! 

Wednesday we were in the VC at night and that is mutual night, and there were 
about 3 groups of Mia Maids and with 2 of them we had the opportunity to share 
how we feel being missionaries and why we chose to come on a mission. For
me this was a blessing because it helps me relight the fire about the
reason why I chose to come out to serve Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ as a full time missionary! I love sharing what has blessed my
life because I know that it will bless their lives too! 
The other day a man came into the VC and he recently retired from the armed forces
and he had fellow servicemen whom he served with that he promised to
come to the VC when he came back home and so he acted on his word and
came in. We were able to teach him almost all of the Restoration and
we touched a little bit on the Gospel of Jesus Christ because we have
an exhibit of the Book of Mormon that teaches it. It was really amazing
as we began to discuss the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the different
aspects and blessings that come from it, especially the knowledge that
we don't have to carry our burdens with us our whole lives as we turn
to Christ and rely upon Him. I am so grateful for His Atonement and
the ability I have to change and become better every day and know that
I don't have to deal with my feelings of inadequacy as I give them to
Him. It is amazing to see the blessings that have come into my life as
well as those I teach and serve with as we come to understand and
apply His Atonement in our lives every day.

What was the best trail this last ski trip?
I hope you have a great week! And I hope the ski trip today was
successful! I love you all so much! Keep up the hard work!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

Movie Morning Monday
Some mornings we look better than others but that is okay! :)

A friend of ours has friends from her childhood serving as senior missionaries
in Hermana Hart's mission.  This was posted on the missionaries couples' Facebook page.  Our friend 
recognized Hermana Hart and thought we might enjoy it!
What a small world we live in.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Slickables and Miracles

January 11, 2016

Dear familia,

I know that I usually send my emails later, but I can see them whenever and so when I didn't receive anything by 1 today I was a little worried that something had happened. But I am happy to hear that everything is going well! That is difficult to hear that they are officially changing the boundaries, but everything will workout the way that it needs to be because Heavenly Father definitely inspires leaders so His plan can come to pass. 

This week has been one really great week, full of different miracles from Heavenly Father. This week we found a family in our Spanish ward that is less active, and they haven't really been active since their baptisms. However, this has happened twice; they move and the missionaries knock on their door within a week of moving in. We were actually looking for another investigator when we found them. Now we are working with them to go to the temple! 

Another miracle is that one of our investigators in one of our English wards, who stopped meeting with missionaries earlier but still continued to go to church with her friends, and read and pray, I actually met her at Christmas Lights and so anyways, her New Years goals include being a "Mormon member" is what she calls it! We were so excited we just kind of paused after she told us this! It just made our night! And week possibly! :) She is definitely a miracle! 

As for the Visitors' Center, yesterday we were on shift from 12-3 and that is usually really slow because most people are still at church or are just returning so they are eating/ taking a nap :), but right when we walked in there were some elders from my old zone with an investigator and member. It was their first time meeting with Rich, and the member was the wife of the stake president. The stake president and his family have known Rich for about 2 years and have helped answer questions, and they all felt like it was time for him to meet with the missionaries. We gave him a tour of the Visitors' Center and I have never heard so many inspired questions from an investigator before! At the end, he asked us if we could end with a prayer, and he even offered to say it! It was just so amazing to see how Heavenly Father prepares people through the different experiences that take place in their lives! 

For pday we actually went and took pictures with the same sisters we went on the hike with last week, at all of the different murals that are in Mesa. It was kind of like Freak Alley, but we had to drive to get to different ones and we went to Slickables which is a handmade ice cream sandwich shop! It was so much fun!

Yesterday we went to all of Hermosa Vista, due to Visitors' Center schedule, and they were some of the best church meetings I have been to! The talks were all about how we can magnify our callings, and I was thinking about how being a missionary is my calling and I want to magnify it in the best possible way! And then the second hour we went to Gospel Doctrine which I haven't done for a while and it was just an exceptional lesson. We discussed murmuring and what that could all include and one sister said, "I am murmuring when I don't apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life". And that statement just made me think so much. And how much I apply His Atonement in my life. I am so grateful that Jesus Christ came to the earth for us so that we can become better, that we have the opportunity to reach farther than we could just on our own! I know that it is only through Him that we are able to accomplish what the Lord commands of us, and that we are able to rely on His enabling power to do so. 

I can't wait to hear about the exciting lacrosse games and stories! What are some of the family resolutions? Are there any about the Sabbath day? I love you all so much and I hope everything goes well this week! Don't forget to smile!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart  

My Nativity! It is so precious! I loved it! Sadly it has to come down
so I could have room on my desk! :)

Mural Hunting

Hermana Weight and Hermana Hart

Happy New Year!

January 4, 2016

Dear familia,

Well, Christmas Lights have officially ended! It feels like I was just
telling you about them! I can't believe how quickly time has gone! I
just wish I could push pause on time because I love being a missionary
so much! But this week has been great! 

Last Monday I met a lady, Tina, who I chatted with on earlier 
on in the year, who got baptized back in November! It was such an amazing 
moment! Our mission got together for activities on Friday to celebrate the 
New Years! It was so much fun! I went on exchanges with my Sister Training 
Leader on Friday, and I spent the night and Saturday morning in her area. It is
similar to my first area, Liahona 1st. As the night went by,
everyone we met with had the desire to learn more, and made New Years
resolutions to be more spiritual and change! 

My testimony of the Lord preparing people through several contacts is so true! 
One woman, Elsa, had met with the missionaries before, but then she moved, 
I think, and lost contact with the missionaries. :( But she went to the Christmas
Lights and gave some sisters her information saying she would like the
missionaries to come back. We taught her the Restoration, and at the
end as Hermana Gonzalez was teaching about the Book of Mormon and
knowing for ourselves, she kept saying "Yah, I already believe." And
then continued to tell us about one of her friends that she would like
to share our message with! As I walked out of that lesson my jaw

On Saturday night we were in our area, and we taught Ana. She
also had met with missionaries and moved, losing contact, but liked
what they were teaching her. She has several member friends and sees
that they are always happy and have something that she doesn't. Now
she wants to know for herself! I think the greatest lesson I learned
was that we need to trust the Lord and He will lead us or lead those
who are prepared so they can receive His blessings. Also that we never
know what contact we are for everyone we meet so it is important that
we truly are examples at all times and all places and all things! And
the Lord will bless us and those with whom we come into contact.

We can go on hikes! We actually went on one this morning! We hiked the
wind caves trail, and when we reached the "caves" there were actually
people up there that had camped out, so that was a little awkward. But
the hike was perfect! Not too long and not too short or hard or easy!
I will send some pictures.

My companion is great! She is adjusting well, as far as she has let me
know, and I ask her all the time what I can do for her. She truly
is really amazing! The only thing is,  she wants me to go to BYU with
her when she gets back. I just tell her that conversation can be saved
for later. :)

I think that is amazing that the investigator stood up and bore his
testimony! I think that could be a part of every missionary's dream!
Right now we are working on getting our investigators to come to
church. This week we did have one of our investigators from
Arboleda, our Spanish ward, come! Iseal recently moved from Mexico,
and is only 15 years old. Surprisingly there are quite a few
teenagers who have the desire to learn about the Gospel! And at the
same time we have a few younger investigators who had never heard the
Christmas story, the birth of the Savior, until this year. It just
wants me to work that much harder, so everyone can have the chance to
learn that they have a Savior, and what He is able to do for them! I
am so grateful for the Gospel, and the knowledge of my Savior Jesus

We currently cover 3 wards, but because of over lapping we only have 7
hours of church. At first I wasn't quite sure how I felt about 7 hours
of church, but yesterday as we were sitting in our second Sacrament
meeting, I realized how privileged I am to have 3 hours set apart of
the day to solely think about Christ and what He did for me and what
He helps me do now! It is such a great blessing!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! And are ready for a great new year!
What are some resolutions you have all set? Our bishop asked us in the
ward if they have seen a difference in their Sabbath days after all of
the counsel we have received, so I was wondering if things have
changed at home?

I truly am doing great! And I don't really need anything except the
starting date for Utah State for Spring 2017. Because with the change
for English speakers going to the MTC for three weeks, that changes our
transfer in March to 7 weeks and pushes the date back a week for every
other transfer. Now I can go home either November 22 or January 2.
So knowing when school starts would be helpful. Also if you had any
advice or thoughts that would greatly be appreciated! I love you all
so much! Keep looking for opportunities to serve!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

PS It is against mission rules for people from home to visit me,
family or friends. I know being at the VC makes it so much easier for
people to come find me, but please advise them not to. :) Thanks in

Christmas!  She is missing the fun Hermana stocking we sent to her.

Hermana Hart and Hermana Weight leaving the Christmas lights

Baseball with the Visitor's Center sisters

¡Feliz Nuevo Año!

December 28, 2015

Dear familia,
It was so great to talk to you this past week! You all look so great,
even Chandra's forehead! :) No big news to announce since Friday, but
the work is just as great as ever! 

Last night we were in the Visitors' Center and it was really an amazing 
night for me because I normally talk to the guests who speak English and 
those I try to talk to in Spanish usually tell me they don't speak English and 
keep walking but yesterday was different. And that is something I had been praying for,
that I would be able to help someone in Spanish come closer to Christ.
On our first spot, we were outside, and there was a family admiring
the Christus and they had come to the lights for several years but had
never been inside. They were amazed when I told them they were able to
go inside. It turns out that they had the missionaries in their home
one time and enjoyed it, but it had been a few years since then. They
shared their information so the local missionaries can begin meeting
with them again! It was an answer to my prayer, and I am so grateful
that I have the opportunity to serve in the Visitors Center.

This morning we played baseball because some of the sisters from other
countries hadn't played it before which was really fun! I am still not
very good and swing the bat like a lacrosse stick, but it was so fun
to play with the other sisters!

I am so grateful for prayer and the opportunity we have to share with
Heavenly Father our truest concerns and worries and desires and how He
is willing to answer prayers to help our faith grow. That is one of
the greatest things I have learned during Christmas lights; that we
should always have a prayer in our hearts and Heavenly Father will
answer them according to our diligence and faith. And Nephi talks
about that in 16:28-29, and how we need to be faithful and diligent to
be able to receive guidance from Heavenly Father.

My ponderizing scripture is actually the First Vision in English
because I need to memorize  it:)  I also want to understand its
significance better so I can share it with more power as my testimony
is strengthened through this week's ponderizing.

I will work on pictures. I actually haven't really seen the lights;
only from the windows, but I will see what I can do! :)
What were some of the things you did over Christmas break? Did you
finish the puzzle?

I love you also much! As you set new goals this year don't forget to
include Heavenly Father and His guidance in setting them because He
has the greatest view as to how this year can be the best for us
individually and as a family! Keep up the hard work at home!
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Hart

Feliz Navidad

December 21, 2015

Dear Familia,
I can't believe it is already Christmas time! I am sorry I have been
slacking on the details, but I will try to do my best today and also
on Friday. :) But I am still in the Visitors Center like normal, and
with Christmas lights we are there from 5-10 almost every night. I did
receive the 2 packages and thank you so much! They are so fun! And I
absolutely love the calendar by Greg Olson! The pictures are so
beautiful! Even though it is for 2016 it is already hanging up!

As for my areas, they are a little slower than my previous area
because it is a more affluent part of Mesa. But there is still work to
be done! :) There are more to teach in the Spanish ward, but I am so
excited to work in all of the wards! Funny thing is that my ward
mission leader in one of my English wards is President Riggs's
brother, as in Taylor's mission president. After we found that out he
sent a text later that night saying that President Riggs thought the
world of Taylor. So even here I have a reputation to follow! :) But I
am excited to serve! We haven't had any sit down lessons since I came
to the area because we are either studying or in the visitors center.
So I don't know very many people in our areas. But we sadly only have
2 weeks left of Christmas lights which is sad but we will have more
time in the area! :)

Today we did normal Pday things like grocery shopping and washing the
car, but this afternoon all of the Spanish missionaries got together
and we did a white elephant gift exchange! And my companion won the
storm trooper masks. :) I got a bag of Jelly beans. And tonight is our
night in our area and so we are having a correlation with Brother
Riggs and then teaching a few lessons with investigators. :)

Last week I saw Jessica Hill at the VC as well! Which was pretty
great! But it is a little weird to see people I know while I am out
here. But I also have been blessed by Heavenly Father to never really
be home sick, not that I don't miss you or anything. Just that I know
you are where you need to be, doing what you need to do, and the same
is for me. I love you all so much! Thank you for your support!

This Friday I will be able to Skype/ FaceTime you. I think I will try
FaceTime so please send your information so I can FaceTime the right
person. :) You should expect to receive the FaceTime call around 9
am so be ready! :) I will have 40 minutes to talk just as a heads up.
I know this isn't my best email, but we don't have a ton of time
today, but I will talk with you on Friday! I love you all so much! I
hope you enjoy your Christmas break!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

What Storm Troopers would look like if they were sister missionaries

Some people in her area.  
She didn't send any information on this one.

A New Calling

December 21, 2015

We received the following letter from the Mesa, Arizona Mission office.

21 December 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Hart,

We want you to know that your daughter, Sister Abigail Hart, has been called to be a trainer to one of our new missionaries.  The calling of a trainer is the most important leadership position in the mission and one that is extended only to our trusted and effective missionaries.  The role of a trainer has more influence on the future success of a missionary than any other single factor, including their experience at the Missionary Training Center.  For this reason your daughter has been selected to play a key part in laying a foundation for this new missionary.

Your encouragement and support is important, and we urge you to continue sending letters that uplift and inspire your missionary in this important work.

Thank you again for sharing your daughter with us.

Faithfully yours,

Kirk L. Jenkins

President, Arizona Mesa Mission