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Feliz Navidad

December 21, 2015

Dear Familia,
I can't believe it is already Christmas time! I am sorry I have been
slacking on the details, but I will try to do my best today and also
on Friday. :) But I am still in the Visitors Center like normal, and
with Christmas lights we are there from 5-10 almost every night. I did
receive the 2 packages and thank you so much! They are so fun! And I
absolutely love the calendar by Greg Olson! The pictures are so
beautiful! Even though it is for 2016 it is already hanging up!

As for my areas, they are a little slower than my previous area
because it is a more affluent part of Mesa. But there is still work to
be done! :) There are more to teach in the Spanish ward, but I am so
excited to work in all of the wards! Funny thing is that my ward
mission leader in one of my English wards is President Riggs's
brother, as in Taylor's mission president. After we found that out he
sent a text later that night saying that President Riggs thought the
world of Taylor. So even here I have a reputation to follow! :) But I
am excited to serve! We haven't had any sit down lessons since I came
to the area because we are either studying or in the visitors center.
So I don't know very many people in our areas. But we sadly only have
2 weeks left of Christmas lights which is sad but we will have more
time in the area! :)

Today we did normal Pday things like grocery shopping and washing the
car, but this afternoon all of the Spanish missionaries got together
and we did a white elephant gift exchange! And my companion won the
storm trooper masks. :) I got a bag of Jelly beans. And tonight is our
night in our area and so we are having a correlation with Brother
Riggs and then teaching a few lessons with investigators. :)

Last week I saw Jessica Hill at the VC as well! Which was pretty
great! But it is a little weird to see people I know while I am out
here. But I also have been blessed by Heavenly Father to never really
be home sick, not that I don't miss you or anything. Just that I know
you are where you need to be, doing what you need to do, and the same
is for me. I love you all so much! Thank you for your support!

This Friday I will be able to Skype/ FaceTime you. I think I will try
FaceTime so please send your information so I can FaceTime the right
person. :) You should expect to receive the FaceTime call around 9
am so be ready! :) I will have 40 minutes to talk just as a heads up.
I know this isn't my best email, but we don't have a ton of time
today, but I will talk with you on Friday! I love you all so much! I
hope you enjoy your Christmas break!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

What Storm Troopers would look like if they were sister missionaries

Some people in her area.  
She didn't send any information on this one.

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