Sunday, January 17, 2016

¡Feliz Nuevo Año!

December 28, 2015

Dear familia,
It was so great to talk to you this past week! You all look so great,
even Chandra's forehead! :) No big news to announce since Friday, but
the work is just as great as ever! 

Last night we were in the Visitors' Center and it was really an amazing 
night for me because I normally talk to the guests who speak English and 
those I try to talk to in Spanish usually tell me they don't speak English and 
keep walking but yesterday was different. And that is something I had been praying for,
that I would be able to help someone in Spanish come closer to Christ.
On our first spot, we were outside, and there was a family admiring
the Christus and they had come to the lights for several years but had
never been inside. They were amazed when I told them they were able to
go inside. It turns out that they had the missionaries in their home
one time and enjoyed it, but it had been a few years since then. They
shared their information so the local missionaries can begin meeting
with them again! It was an answer to my prayer, and I am so grateful
that I have the opportunity to serve in the Visitors Center.

This morning we played baseball because some of the sisters from other
countries hadn't played it before which was really fun! I am still not
very good and swing the bat like a lacrosse stick, but it was so fun
to play with the other sisters!

I am so grateful for prayer and the opportunity we have to share with
Heavenly Father our truest concerns and worries and desires and how He
is willing to answer prayers to help our faith grow. That is one of
the greatest things I have learned during Christmas lights; that we
should always have a prayer in our hearts and Heavenly Father will
answer them according to our diligence and faith. And Nephi talks
about that in 16:28-29, and how we need to be faithful and diligent to
be able to receive guidance from Heavenly Father.

My ponderizing scripture is actually the First Vision in English
because I need to memorize  it:)  I also want to understand its
significance better so I can share it with more power as my testimony
is strengthened through this week's ponderizing.

I will work on pictures. I actually haven't really seen the lights;
only from the windows, but I will see what I can do! :)
What were some of the things you did over Christmas break? Did you
finish the puzzle?

I love you also much! As you set new goals this year don't forget to
include Heavenly Father and His guidance in setting them because He
has the greatest view as to how this year can be the best for us
individually and as a family! Keep up the hard work at home!
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Hart

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