Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy New Year!

January 4, 2016

Dear familia,

Well, Christmas Lights have officially ended! It feels like I was just
telling you about them! I can't believe how quickly time has gone! I
just wish I could push pause on time because I love being a missionary
so much! But this week has been great! 

Last Monday I met a lady, Tina, who I chatted with on earlier 
on in the year, who got baptized back in November! It was such an amazing 
moment! Our mission got together for activities on Friday to celebrate the 
New Years! It was so much fun! I went on exchanges with my Sister Training 
Leader on Friday, and I spent the night and Saturday morning in her area. It is
similar to my first area, Liahona 1st. As the night went by,
everyone we met with had the desire to learn more, and made New Years
resolutions to be more spiritual and change! 

My testimony of the Lord preparing people through several contacts is so true! 
One woman, Elsa, had met with the missionaries before, but then she moved, 
I think, and lost contact with the missionaries. :( But she went to the Christmas
Lights and gave some sisters her information saying she would like the
missionaries to come back. We taught her the Restoration, and at the
end as Hermana Gonzalez was teaching about the Book of Mormon and
knowing for ourselves, she kept saying "Yah, I already believe." And
then continued to tell us about one of her friends that she would like
to share our message with! As I walked out of that lesson my jaw

On Saturday night we were in our area, and we taught Ana. She
also had met with missionaries and moved, losing contact, but liked
what they were teaching her. She has several member friends and sees
that they are always happy and have something that she doesn't. Now
she wants to know for herself! I think the greatest lesson I learned
was that we need to trust the Lord and He will lead us or lead those
who are prepared so they can receive His blessings. Also that we never
know what contact we are for everyone we meet so it is important that
we truly are examples at all times and all places and all things! And
the Lord will bless us and those with whom we come into contact.

We can go on hikes! We actually went on one this morning! We hiked the
wind caves trail, and when we reached the "caves" there were actually
people up there that had camped out, so that was a little awkward. But
the hike was perfect! Not too long and not too short or hard or easy!
I will send some pictures.

My companion is great! She is adjusting well, as far as she has let me
know, and I ask her all the time what I can do for her. She truly
is really amazing! The only thing is,  she wants me to go to BYU with
her when she gets back. I just tell her that conversation can be saved
for later. :)

I think that is amazing that the investigator stood up and bore his
testimony! I think that could be a part of every missionary's dream!
Right now we are working on getting our investigators to come to
church. This week we did have one of our investigators from
Arboleda, our Spanish ward, come! Iseal recently moved from Mexico,
and is only 15 years old. Surprisingly there are quite a few
teenagers who have the desire to learn about the Gospel! And at the
same time we have a few younger investigators who had never heard the
Christmas story, the birth of the Savior, until this year. It just
wants me to work that much harder, so everyone can have the chance to
learn that they have a Savior, and what He is able to do for them! I
am so grateful for the Gospel, and the knowledge of my Savior Jesus

We currently cover 3 wards, but because of over lapping we only have 7
hours of church. At first I wasn't quite sure how I felt about 7 hours
of church, but yesterday as we were sitting in our second Sacrament
meeting, I realized how privileged I am to have 3 hours set apart of
the day to solely think about Christ and what He did for me and what
He helps me do now! It is such a great blessing!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! And are ready for a great new year!
What are some resolutions you have all set? Our bishop asked us in the
ward if they have seen a difference in their Sabbath days after all of
the counsel we have received, so I was wondering if things have
changed at home?

I truly am doing great! And I don't really need anything except the
starting date for Utah State for Spring 2017. Because with the change
for English speakers going to the MTC for three weeks, that changes our
transfer in March to 7 weeks and pushes the date back a week for every
other transfer. Now I can go home either November 22 or January 2.
So knowing when school starts would be helpful. Also if you had any
advice or thoughts that would greatly be appreciated! I love you all
so much! Keep looking for opportunities to serve!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

PS It is against mission rules for people from home to visit me,
family or friends. I know being at the VC makes it so much easier for
people to come find me, but please advise them not to. :) Thanks in

Christmas!  She is missing the fun Hermana stocking we sent to her.

Hermana Hart and Hermana Weight leaving the Christmas lights

Baseball with the Visitor's Center sisters

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