Sunday, January 31, 2016

Learning from Apostles to teaching in Canada

January 25, 2016

Dear familia,
I'm glad to hear that every one had an exciting Monday last week! 3 day
weekends are so weird on a mission, especially on Mondays, because then
all the stores are even more crazy! I do serve with Sister Walker's
friends. They serve in the Visitors Center with me! They are really
awesome! As for challenges; it's finding enough time to teach everyone in
our area and also be in the Visitors Center. And on top of that
finding a good balance between the 3 wards for teaching and working
with them throughout the week because easily with meetings and the VC
we can be left with only 10-15 hours to work in the area. Especially
this week with so many big meetings for the whole mission. But
Heavenly Father definitely blesses every effort we put forth to use
the time to the best of our ability! 

On Pday we went shopping!  And the regular Pday things except on Tuesday
because this week is transfers and they were trying something new to
have transfers and moving day all on Tuesday and so we got some weird
looks as we were at Walmart, but it's all good!

This week was pretty crazy with all different kinds of things
happening! On Wednesday we watched a missionary broadcast with all of
the other missionaries around the world and we were taught by some of
the apostles and members of the Seventy and Sister Oscarsen who are
over the missionary department. We were all preparing to be a little
chastised but in the end they were all just trainings on how we could
be better missionaries! I loved it because I will be on my mission for
at least the majority of 2016 so it allowed me to evaluate my goals I
made concerning my mission. And then a follow up to that meeting on
Saturday, we had the opportunity to meet with Elder Neil A Anderson and
Elder L Whitney Clayton and the member of Area Seventy! It was so
amazing and we reviewed what we learned from the Wednesday meeting and
also received some more training. I think my favorite part was when
Elder Anderson talked about how every missionary has a sacrifice they
have to make to be on their mission and give their whole heart to the
Savior and that we can find it by getting on our knees and praying.
Then we have the choice to make the sacrifice or not, and that can
determine how our missions effect us.
esterday I had the opportunity to Skype one of my investigators from
the Visitors Center who lives in the Netherlands but was visiting her
family in Canada! It was so amazing to be able to finally teach and
talk with her face to face! She has been investigating the church for
a while and has finally chosen to be baptized in April! Which is also
when one of our investigators in our area can get baptized! It will be
such a miracle month, but I want to make February and March just as
significant too!

This week we found Luis and he is so amazing! All of the things he was
saying was pretty much what you would have a scripted investigator
say.  He is a tender mercy from Heavenly Father because we have
tried our best to clean out our area book as to who is really
interested and who is not and our numbers were starting to shrink, but
Heavenly Father allows our paths to be crossed with those He has
prepared as long as we are willing to open our mouths. We had
walked by Luis as we were on our way to see an investigator, and when
we came back he was still outside, so we knew this was our chance! From
farish away, I awkwardly asked what he was working on in his car, even
though my knowledge of cars is very limited, it allowed a little leeway
for a conversation. He said we could come back another day after we
gave him a Book of Mormon. The other day we went by and he told us
that he had read what we had invited him to! And said he wants to
continue to read so he can learn more!

Blessings of the Visitors Center: A family from my previous ward, who
were preparing to go to the temple, came in and so I got to see them!
And they are going to the temple on Saturday! It is so exciting to see
the blessings of the restored Gospel come in others lives as they work
diligently to progress.

So as for my ponderizing scripture, it is Enos 1:12 because I want to
work on laboring with more diligence.

Any big plans for February?

I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for
all the love and support!

Con mucho amor,
~ Hermana Hart

Hiking on Pday

Skyping with Kate

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