Sunday, February 28, 2016

Great missionary

February 27, 2016

We received the following letter today.

Dear Sister Hart,
This is Sister Meredith Ashton.  My husband and I have been here at the Visitors' Center for a year and will be here one more year.  He is now serving as the director of the Center.  The other day I had the opportunity to interview Sister Hart and I wanted you to know what a wonderful young woman and missionary I feel she is.  It's a pure joy to work with Sister Hart.  She is focused, happy, caring, and quietly going about doing what the Lord wants her to do.  She is obedient, even in the little things here at the Center, like trying to be on time, not dawdling around visiting when she should be somewhere else (though she can be plenty social).  About a week ago I watched as she and another missionary (not her comp) were teaching a couple of young women how to be missionaries to their friends.  She and Sister Kelson did a terrific job; I learned some things. It was really fun watching and listening to them.
I wish you could see her in action, but since you can't I wanted you to know how wonderful she is.  We sure do love her here at the Center.
Thanks for raising such a wonderful daughter.
Sister Meredith Ashton

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