Sunday, February 28, 2016

Growing season! 🌷

February 22, 2016

Dear familia,

It is so crazy to think that you are living where there is snow
(except for Chandra) while it is pollen season here in Arizona! But I
am glad everyone is gearing up for some lacrosse and still skiing! I
don't think I have ever been this warm in February in my life! But I
love it! Thank you so much for the Valentine box! I loved it! My one
request for my birthday is a written letter! I love emails but I also
love to go back and read letters. I don't need anything so that would
be my desire! I do have a pen eye appointment next week on Monday. And
as for last week I really did send an email just just
freaked out so some received my emails and some did not. But I do
apologize for any inconvenience! :)

With the new realignment we need to build up our teaching pool because
several of our investigators are in our other wards, which is so much
fun! Our bishop has asked that we go back through our area book and
invite all previous investigators to come to church with the new
church time and meeting place. So that is what we did and we found
some investigators who had still been reading in the Book of Mormon!

On Tuesday we had district meeting in a mansion and the brother who
own's the house actually was recently released as a mission president
in Thailand and he knew Sister Carrillo! It is crazy to think how much
contact I have with former mission presidents! It is a blessing
because they all have so many great insights on how to be an effective
missionary and bring forth the work of salvation!

We had one of the most powerful lessons I have ever had on my mission
on Wednesday! The assistants to the president white washed one of our
wards so we had a hand off lesson with Mary. And as we were teaching
her about the restoration, Hermana Weight invited her to be baptized
and she took a few seconds trying to figure out what to say and after
a little bit she said "Sure! I just feel it!" She was just so excited!
It amazes me of all the different ways Heavenly Father prepares each
of his children!

Another example would be from yesterday in the Visitors Center. We
came in for the evening shift and Sister Trane (one of the senior
couples) came up to us and told us a lady called in wanting to learn
more about the church and God. So she gave us her phone number and we
called Mamathou, and she is amazing! We started teaching the
restoration over the phone and she stopped us and asked how long does
a person have to be a member before they can be baptized! We taught
about the qualifications for baptism mentioned in Mosiah 18:8-10 and
Hermana Weight mentioned that generally a person will go to church for
3 weeks. So the Mamathou asked if she could start this week! She is
such an amazing miracle!

Friday we gave a presentation at the baptism of some fellow Spanish
sister missionaries for the cutest little girls! While we were there
we met President Jenkins's parents! That was pretty great!  It is so
amazing to see how the gospel is meant for every person no matter what
their age! It is truly how we can draw closer to Heavenly Father and
become more like the Savior. 

On Sunday our bishop taught us how our happiness can't depend on someone's 
agency. But it truly all depends on how we are living the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
in our lives! I know that as we more fully live the Gospel, our lives will be filled with
more happiness, and the kind of happiness that lasts, even for the

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

We received this picture and the following message from 
Sister Jenkins, (the mission president's wife)
regarding the baptism Hermana Hart referred to in her letter.

"We were with your daughters last night at a Spanish baptism.  They shared a message and did a great job.  They love being companions!  And we love them.  Thanks for preparing them so well!  
Sister Jenkins Arizona Mesa Mission"

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