Sunday, February 28, 2016

Realigning Success :)

February 8, 2016

Dear familia!
I had heard that Kung Fu Panda 3 was out by various members and I was honestly surprised I hadn't heard about it, especially from Dad! :) But I'm glad it was good! I definitely wish there was more time in a week so that way we could see all the people we teach all the time! But we will have to do with what we are given! :) 

This week has been great and also a little crazy! We had FHE with one of our ward mission leader's on Monday and they had some non member friends over. The mom was responsible for sharing the lesson, and I knew she would give us an opportunity to share a comment at the end, and it was just amazing how strong the Spirit was by the end of the lesson! I knew there was no way that the mother and daughter didn't feel it! 

On Tuesday we met this family who was a referral from some members. They have been invited to several church activities and have even gone to a few, and one of the greatest blessings is that they are supposed to have had a baby this weekend! And so we had a short opportunity to discuss the plan of salvation with the father and the blessing of an eternal family he could have! The awkward moment is as we were walking away I kept calling him Oscar and I said his name like 3 or 4 times and as we reached the car, Hermana Weight reminded me that his name is Diego. So I definitely hope that didn't offend him and that we will still be able to meet with them in the next week! :) 

This week we were able to have a follow up lesson with the woman who wanted us to help her daughter. We planned a lesson that was all about how she is a daughter of God and how knowing what that means can help us. By the end of the lesson we had taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think it is because as we truly understand that we are children of God we will have the desire to become better and achieve our divine potential but it is only through living the Gospel that we can achieve this goal!

We also had another lesson with the man we found while he was fixing his car, Luis. We met him at the Visitors' Center and taught the Restoration. It was so powerful as we watched the Restoration video and then talked about the experience Joseph Smith had as he humbly prayed to receive an answer from God. He is willing to continue to meet with us and test to see if the Gospel really is something that will help him in the current circumstances he is in. We were so excited to continue to work with him until the turn of events yesterday! :(

Yesterday the boundaries of our stake were realigned, as well as with 3 other stakes, so there can be a creation of a 5th stake in the area. This was probably one of the biggest events of the week, and due to this realignment Leonora (where Luis, April (our investigator who is so golden), and the mother and daughter live) was disolved into 2 other existing wards in the stake so we aren't sure if we will get to teach them after this week. :( And most of the the Spanish ward, Arboleda, was absorbed into the neighboring Spanish ward in the stake over. So we will probably just teach in the same area and then we will be a combined ward! I am excited to work with other missionaries and the bishop is really supportive and missionary work driven! So that will be so much fun! We still have 1 English ward but we aren't sure if we will get to continue working in it after this transfer! :( But I know that I will serve wherever the Lord needs me to serve, and that all I can do is work hard and share the Gospel and my testimony!

I apologize for all of the frowny faces, but I am truly happy, it is just hard to lose some of the members and investigators I have grown to love! I know that these changes are the opportunity for this area to continue to grow!

How did the ACT go? Are there any lacrosse games coming up? What is your favorite science project you have done with your class? How is Grandmother? Are Gram and Papa almost moved in in Nampa?
Thanks for all of the love and support! It means a lot! I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

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