Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Greatest Love

February 22, 2016

This is the email we should have received on February 15, 2016.

Dear Familia,

I hope you all enjoyed Valentines Day! Did you do your heart wall like
always? I haven't set up an appointment because we have to go on
Monday and because today is a holiday it was a little difficult. So I
hope next week will work out.

This week has gone by so fast! This Wednesday we had interviews with
President Jenkins and as part of our interview he asked that we teach
him repentance. And to say that was intimidating is an understatement!
We practiced all week and so when it came showtime I had prepared like
3 different lessons to share just in case! :) But when all was said
and done it went pretty well, from my point of view, which was such a

On Thursday we had exchanges and my Sister Training Leader is actually
Hermana Aguilar, my last companion which was so much fun! When we went
to go visit a referral, we got out of the car and a man came up to us and
asked if we knew how to use nunchucks. Which was a little random and
when we told him not really he turned away and came back with a pair
and was about to swing them around.  Hermana Aguilar kindly asked
him to put them away. Sometimes I just don't understand some people's
logic but it quite often leads to a great story that I can look back

The highlight of the week for me was going to the temple in Spanish on
Saturday! All of the Spanish missionaries of the mission had the
opportunity to go and experience it! And afterwards we had a
conference together! It was such an amazing experience for me! I
absolutely loved it!

On Sunday we began our new ward! In the middle of the week we received
new transfer news that became effective yesterday. Hermana Weight and
I now serve in Valencia, a Spanish ward that our previous ward,
Arboleda, was dissolved into. And due to the fact that it is in a
different stake we were moved out of our English wards. So we now
currently only cover 1 Spanish ward, Valencia. Our new bishop just
returned from being a mission president in July, and so serving here
will be such a blessing to me to have the opportunity to learn from
him! He is just so amazing and so is our new mega Spanish ward! I love
it so much!

This morning the temple was open and so we had another opportunity to
go to the temple, and be able to spend time in the House of the Lord.
It always amazes me how we are able to receive answers to prayers
there and more importantly how we are able to feel the love of  Heavenly
Father and Jesus Christ as we are in the temple or around the temple!
I want to invite you all to go to the temple as often as possible in
any way possible, to walk the grounds, do baptisms or other
ordinances. Whatever it may be just go and feel the love Heavenly
Father and the Savior have for you!

Best of luck with school and work! I hope you all have a great week,
and look for the way God shows His love for you in your life! I want
you to know that I love you so much!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

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