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Outside Adventures!

February 29, 2016

Dear familia,

I know that busy lives means that time goes by fast, so enjoy every
moment that you can! This week was really great! My eye doctor
appointment went great! The doctor is a member so it was like I was in
Idaho! :) And the secretaries were so helpful because I didn't know
how to fill out all the paperwork, which I think gives me the biggest
anxiety going to doctor offices by myself! But all is well and I will
be able to see the remainder of my mission!

To clarify, Luis and the mother are in my English wards I was taken
out of. So now we only cover our Spanish ward. It is the same area as
before but we are now combined with another Spanish ward. But
transfers are next week so we will see what happens then!
We had a lesson on the phone with one of my investigators from the
Visitors Center, Mamathou, at the beginning of the week, and as we
began the lesson she asked if she could invite her friend to learn
more about what we teach! It is just amazing to see how great of a
desire people have to share the gospel with those they love when they
have felt the Spirit, even if it is over the phone!

Also within the Visitors Center, on Saturday we had another Skype
lesson with Kate in the Netherlands, and this time she was really in
the Netherlands! We read with her Enos, and about the blessing of
prayer. And as we were reading I realized how much the Spirit teaches
us as we are trying to help others learn, as we teach by the Spirit,
which allows the Spirit to be the real teacher. She had been
struggling a little bit but after reading in the scriptures and being
taught by the Spirit, things have been going good for her!

On Thursday, we went to go visit a referral that we had received
earlier that day through our phone, and when we knocked on the door, a
16 year old boy, Jeft, answered the door. We asked if Josue, our
referral, lived there and he said that was his brother and that he
wasn't home. So we tried to start teaching him, we hadn't talked to
him for very long and it was quite noticeable how nervous he was
because he had begun to sweat! We felt so bad that we had made him
that nervous, but it was kind of funny at the same time!

Friday night we had a ward party so the two wards could get to know
each other. Bishop Gulbrandsen asked that we help him with preparing
the food. So we made about 100 feet worth of sandwiches. I think after
that one night I could get a job at any Subway! :) But it was really
fun to get to know the members, especially those from the other ward!

The craziest thing this week was Saturday because it was the Phoenix
Marathon and so every road of our mission was blocked off so we
couldn't reach the south end of our mission which is where the
Visitors Center is. So we left an hour before our shift hoping to find
a way across, but it came down to us calling President Jenkins for
permission to leave the mission to get to shift at the VC! He sounded
surprised but gave us the go, so we took a quick detour into the
Scottsdale mission for a few miles to drive on the 202! It just felt
so weird even though we had permission and everything! When we got to the
VC, it was the first practice of the Easter Pageant so it looked like
the people of King Benjamin, when he taught the people! I am so
excited for the Easter Pageant! 
I am so grateful for the knowledge of the Savior and for the opportunity 
I have to serve in Arizona to teach other people about Him and the blessings He brings!
I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much! And remember
the Savior loves you, no matter where you are!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

King Benjamin Style Easter Pageant Practice

Farewell Kickball for VC sisters leaving next week

No big deal it is 122 in February :)

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