Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easter Pageant Has Arrived!

March 14, 2016

Dear familia,

I am glad everyone was able to make it through this last week! And I
know there is only a bright future to look forward to with seeing all
of our loved ones, including Grandmother, again! It has been getting
warm here but not quite 122*! It said that in our car one day after it
had sat in the parking or at the Visitors Center for 6 hours. I think
the highest it has been was in the low 90s a few weeks ago.

This week as been pretty crazy getting settled into the area with my
new companion, Hermana Loynd, but still really great! She has been out
for 7 months, and is such a loving missionary! I definitely have a lot
to learn from her! We both love music but other than that we are both
quite different! And that is okay.  It will just take a little more work
than when I was with Hermana Weight.

I have really only served in two areas my whole mission and so the
fact I have lived in three different places is a little strange! But
being in the VC and being Spanish speaking limits the amount of areas
I can serve in, but that is alright because then I get the chance to
meet the members! Especially in Spanish because the wards are usually
smaller than English wards, and I think that is a great blessing as a

Earlier this week we were trying to help Hermana Loynd get to know the
people in this area, and so we stopped by our investigator, Ana's
house. When she opened the door we could see her well organized home,
scattered around because she was looking for a scorpion. She has a
phobia of them and so she was giving directions to her husband as to
where to look, and we took a few minutes to help her look. Sadly we
were unsuccessful finding it, but we used that situation as an
opportunity to teach her about the importance of seeking out God in
our lives. But the greatest thing is that He is so much easier to find
than a scorpion. As a follow up to the story we went over a few days
later for our lesson and she told us that her husband found the
scorpion behind the front door, which I was standing right in
front of! It was just so crazy!

Friday we had our Friday morning Visitors' Center meeting with the
director of the Easter Pageant! I am so excited for it to start this
week! It is the only pageant of the Church about the life of Christ
and is the largest annual outdoor pageant in the world! We are so
blessed here in Mesa! In the Visitors Center we met a family and ever
since children were able to be cast they have been in the pageant as a
family. One of their sons played a part for 17 years out of 19 years
before his mission! What an amazing tradition! They practice every
night and I just get so excited every time I catch a glimpse! This is
such a unique opportunity to invite literally thousands of people to
come unto Christ every night! Saturday we watched them set up all of
the 10,000 chairs which was spectacular to see!

Yesterday we came across an interesting service opportunity as we were
invited to dinner by the members who were signed up to feed us to meet
up with some other members as well. Little did we know we would be
attending a baby shower! But we were able to help them set up for the
party! It is just so much fun to be a part of a culture that doesn't
do such a thing as a "small get together"! I just love it!

But as Easter Pageant heads our way this week, I just want to share
that I know that Jesus is the Christ and that because of Him we are
all able to return to the presence of Heavenly Father worthy! And it
is because of His atonement! What an amazing gift we have been given
in our lives! I just hope you will continue to strengthen your
relationship with the Savior!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

These will all be filled every night for the next two weeks!

A cute member gave me a shell angel even after I laughed almost the
whole time I was trying to give the spiritual thought, but it was all

My good buddy and mission prep teacher came by during her spring
break! Definitely a little boost to remind me how I got to where I am

Mexican Easter Treat!
Pretty much bread pudding with cheese! And coconut and sprinkles on top!

Finally cut my hair! 9 months later! :)

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