Thursday, July 28, 2016

And Full Field Begins..

May 2, 2016

Dear familia,
It sounds like life is a little crazy! But you can do it all! Fight hard and cheer hard until the end of the lacrosse season! :) I know you are all great players! I am glad to hear that Gram and Papa are safe! Send them my love! And give them an extra hug for me! :) Finish strong in school! I know you can all do it! 1 month! :)

Well, officially on Tuesday I began my crazy adventure outside of the Visitors Center for this transfer! It is a little strange to not be in the Visitors Center, but at the same time I know that there is work to be done here in our area that needs all of our time! I am so excited to work with the members and also our investigators! I think one of my most favorite things we have the opportunity to do is help with tutoring the little kids from the ward and our
investigators on Wednesdays! It is an interesting aspect as part of our work is that the children don't know Spanish super well, but the parents don't know English and so we have very Spanglish lessons sometimes! So to help the parents, we help children with their homework that is in English, especially reading. 

It has been really special this week because one of our investigators, Vicenta, came back from Mexico! But we have been struggling to help her find time to have lessons because she bakes food to sell so she can provide for her and her family. So we made a deal if we help her for a little bit it will give her enough time to have a lesson. And it has worked! We learned how to make flour tortillas and pies! I am far from being an expert but maybe by the end of my mission I won't even have to buy tortillas in the future! :) She is really sweet and just wants the best for her family and wants to find out how the gospel will bless her family! Which it will!

One of the greatest highlights of my week is that my investigator, Kate, from the Netherlands got baptized! On Saturday we were able to Skype her just before her baptism with her in her white dress! It has been amazing to see the progress she has made since September! And by her story I have learned that there is a reason why things happen when they do, and that there are truly no coincidence with the Lord!

One of the talks I have been studying this week is "Opposition in All Things" by Elder Oaks for this last Conference. One of the best things I read this week came from the side notes and it said, "Setbacks and
defeat are part of His plan for our perfection." I know this is so true! That in the moments that are tough and we feel like we are taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back, it is okay! That is part of God's plan for us! Because as we overcome our setbacks and defeats we are able to realize where our real strength comes from and who really
can help us. That is Jesus Christ through His Atoning sacrifice. Keep pressing forward because the best is yet to come! I know God has a plan and as we follow His Son and live the gospel we are always on
the winning side!

Best of luck this week! I love you all so much!
Con amor,
Hermana Hart

Kate on her baptism day! :)

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