Friday, July 29, 2016

By Small and Simple Means!

June 7, 2016

Dear familia,

I hope you have enjoyed the first few days of summer break! It feels like the middle of the summer already here, but it is just beginning! :) 

Transfers have come and I will be staying in my area! With my companion Hermana Loynd and we will be returning to the Visitors' Center! :) My days of being a "normal missionary" have come to an end! The last 6 weeks have gone by so fast! But I am so excited for this next transfer!

This week we have had the blessing to see how the Lord will prepare people in different ways, and it is all in His timing! Whether or not we are members we will receive blessings from God as we keep His commandments!

At the beginning of this week we visited a less active, Hermana Moraga, with one of the members of ward council who used to be her home teacher. We have tried visiting her before but didn't have much success in helping her make a commit to read the Book of Mormon to strengthen her testimony, but as we left her house she committed to listening to the Book of Mormon because that is best for her! We were so excited! We almost skipped all the way back to the car! A little later in the week we stopped by again, and she told us that she tried to listen but she doesn't have access to the app so she tried to find the audio on YouTube! Instead she found Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie and watched a part of it! Thankfully we had a member with us who had her smartphone to help show her how to listen from online! What a tender mercy! Members are important in missionary work, even beyond just their smart phones!

Another tender mercy/miracle was on Wednesday night we had the former missionary, Genesis, who served in our ward with us again and she asked if we had visited one of her former investigators. We hadn't and neither had any other sisters since she had been there. When we knocked on the door, she just let us in and we were able to teach her! The most amazing thing was that she still had kept a paper Genesis had made to know how to pray! And she has kept it by her bed for 3 years and looks at it every day! That just blew us away! But we know that the Spirit was who influenced her to keep and read it! And she said we could come back! :)

Friday night we stopped by Marvin's, our investigator from El Salvador, and as we were trying to help him with his questions they just led to better and better questions. At first he told us that he didn't have any then wanted to know how we discipline in the church, and by the end of the lesson we were talking about Joseph Smith and the role that the Book of Mormon will have as he continues to learn. He promised to read that night because he had stopped for a few nights. The next morning we texted him about what he read and he shared his testimony of Jesus Christ and the mercy we are able to receive because of Him. It was so amazing! I know that there are more Marvins out in the world who are truly looking for the truth!

Sunday, Tania, our member who has an understanding of an investigator, came to church and she was so touched by the testimony our recent convert Ashley shared. She was amazed that Ashley was able to share with such strong conviction for only being 10 years old! And she said it was during this testimony that she received her answer as to which church would help her achieve salvation with her family! :) By small and simple means is so true!

I know that as we continue to put forth an effort to help others, the blessings will come whether we notice them or not! And we may never know how big of an impression we will leave on that person! Look for ways to serve in simple ways this week and see what blessings come not only in the lives of those you serve but also your own!

I love you all so much! Have a great week and enjoy your time at Taylor's wedding this weekend!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

Our dryer broke....

Me and Sister Zamudio

Sister Zamudio, I am taking her place as VCT (visitors center
trainer), she went home this week :(

The Visitors Center missionaries :)

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