Thursday, July 28, 2016

Crazy, is all that I can use to describe this week!

April 26, 2016

Dear familia,

This week has gone by crazy fast! I can't believe it is Tuesday and yes it is Tuesday because of transfers! That being said I will be staying in my area in Valencia with Sister Loynd but we are full field! Which means we will be in our area all day every day! :) No more visitors center for this transfer :( It will be a little different but there is work to be done here! I am excited for the miracles to come! 

I did find out that I will be coming home on the 22 of November. It was nice before not knowing because it was like it would never end, but that is the official date. 

This week we did splits on Tuesday night and I was with Hermana Pimienta, the primary president and we visited people in the trailer park in our area, who have children in Primary. It was so much fun! At the end of the night we talked to this man who was standing outside and after talking to him for a few minutes his wife came out and asked to talk to Hermana Pimienta's husband. The crazy thing is Hermano Pimienta knows everyone! And so we were surprised if she knew him. But through that encounter we found out that Moses is her son and he is taking a class at the Institute at ASU! He has several member friends and many are on a mission so he wanted to check things out his own way! 

We don't have to do splits, but that is when we have too many teaching visits and so we each go with a different member to do all of our lessons. Exchanges is when I go with other sisters and we are companions to learn from one another! And I do that as an STL at least once a transfer, and being full field it will be easier! Yay! 

On Wednesday we had a flashback and helped teach at Seminary! The teachers put together FAQ and we went to help the students prepare for a role play they were going to have, which hopefully prepares them for future experiences! And we also demonstrated a role play for them! It was so much fun! There are so many seminary students they have 7 classes of about 25! And there are 2 stories in their seminary building! Crazy!

Saturday was the baptism of the cutest kids we have been teaching! Michelle, Lindsay, and Miguel were baptized this weekend! It was so amazing! Because it was stake conference they were also confirmed on Saturday as well! They are a part of a recently returning back to church family! They have been taught several times by the missionaries but never set a baptism date! It was a blessing for us because we were blessed to be a part of their conversion and learning process! They are just so special!

This weekend for stake conference the visiting authority was Elder Neilson who is the head of the missionary department! And it was so amazing to listen to him! One thing that he shared was his story of when he was first called as a general authority, and how when he arrived to his office ready to be trained the first two days he just sat in his office waiting for his training to begin. After several calls made by his secretary to know when the training would begin, one of the senior brethren called him into his office and told him "first go to your office and become". Wow how profound is that! Just imagine being told that! My invitation to you all is what and who would you like to become? And how will you do that? I know that if you ask Heavenly Father in prayer He will help you know who He wants you to become and will even guide you to how you should do it! 

Best of luck this week! I love you all so much! And thanks for your supports! I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ support us in the good, and bad, and the crazy! Have a great week! I love you all so much! 

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

Me, Michelle, Miguel, Lindsay, and Sister Loynd :)

The funniest and craziest thing from this week would be taping this scorpion!

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