Friday, July 29, 2016

Referral Miracles!

July 26, 2016

Dear familia,

This week was so amazing! As I have started my round 2 in Liahona 1 and also in the Solomon Ward (English)! So I cover 2 wards, one in Spanish where I already served and one in English which is new to me! I still serve as the visitors center trainer and so I help the sisters in the visitors center learn how to use the resources we have to be effect missionaries. Which is always so much fun as I get to do exchanges in the visitors center from 3-9pm with each of them during the transfer! My companion is Hermana Freckleton and she is from San Antonio, Texas. She loves exercise and eating healthy and is just so much fun to be around! We definitely laugh a lot! :) Which is really great! It will be a great transfer!

This week was full of all different kind of miracles which started as referrals! Which is how we do some of the work here in Mesa but the majority would probably be through street contacting. As we serve in the visitors center we don't really have time to tract if you define tracting as picking a neighborhood/ apartment complex and start
knocking on doors.

On Wednesday we visited a referral for Loretta, the English missionaries received in November but hadn't dropped yet. As we walked up to the door, she was standing outside and we asked if we could talk to her. She said sure and let us in! As we talked to her it turns out most of her family are members and she grew up going to church! She just never was baptized but now is ready to come back to church and make those promises with God through baptism! 8 months later we finally met her but she has been prepared for a long while!

Thursday night we had a set lesson who was a referral for someone who referred themselves on and requested a Bible! His name is Miguel, and at first when we knocked on the door he didn't answer but
after several tries he opened the door and we were able to share with him the message of the Restoration and a Book of Mormon! He has been searching for a religion lately and has some amazing questions that the restored gospel can answer! We are so excited to continue to work with him! And as a side note he has an awesome beard! :)

But I think one of the greatest miracles that happens this week was on Sunday! We went to Liahona 1 for church and it was so great to be with the members again! But something so special is that Lesly, an 11 year old girl that I taught before I left this area, told us at church that she received her answer that should be baptized the 24 of August! Her little sister was baptized just a few months ago and when Lesly is baptized the family will be able to enter into the temple to be sealed! The greatest thing was that a year ago while I was in this area we received this family as a referral from a member as someone to visit! Now they are fully active and preparing to go to the temple. The gospel is so amazing and it truly blesses families!

I love being a missionary and it is so amazing to come into contact with the people Heavenly Father is preparing through all different ways! I know the gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the only way to return back to our Heavenly Father! Keep sharing the gospel with your friends because you never know when they are ready!

I love you all so much!
Con amor,
Hermana Hart

This is Hermano and Hermana Martinez, their daughter is Lesly who will be getting baptized in August! They had just finished doing baptisms for the dead for the first time! :)

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