Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sometimes it really does rain in the desertšŸ’¦

April 11, 2016

Dear familia,

So many miracles took place this week, especially because of exchanges! I wasn't in my proselyting area for several nights because I was on exchanges, but is when miracles truly happen! 

This week I had the opportunity to learn from two other sisters in the mission as I did exchanges! Those are always so much fun because you are able to learn so many different ways missionary work can be done! Tuesday was with Sister Hernandez and she is companions with Sister Willes who I had exchanges with last week. It was amazing because we had a first lesson with a potential investigator right at the beginning without any kind of companionship study or practice. The lesson went well and Charlotte said yes to baptism! The Lord is always a part of His work and will not let us fail! My other exchange was with Sister Duiai! And she is so much fun! She is from Micronesia! We got to dinner and as soon as the sister opened the door, she recognized me right away! We had met on Sunday at the Visitors Center when they came after church! It was kind of crazy! It was funny because Sister Duiai is new to the mission and I asked her if she knew the members we were eating with and she said no. And after we met them and we were sitting down for dinner she said, "You know them better than I do"! The world is so small!

With the Visitors Center, exchanges are often only from 3-9 pm but we try to do overnight exchanges when possible. Sister Hernandez and Willes's were overnight, but Sister Duiai's was not. The ideal is for overnight though. 

Another little tender mercy of a small world is that in the Visitors Center on Monday night I met a couple that actually lived in Great Grandpa and Grandma Hart's ward. He was Grandpa Hart's home teacher and brought him the sacrament for a few years! That was truly a tender mercy! 

Thursday we taught this adorable 9 year old girl, Ashley. Who has one of the most amazing testimonies I have ever heard from a child! Her grandma is in our ward and she lives with her, but her parents are currently not members.  Ashley is so amazing! 

Friday in the Visitors Center we listened to a musical group and they sang jazz! Even on my mission I can't escape it! I guess it was meant to be in my life! They were really good, but not quite as good as my family singing jazz! And no up right bass for their one jazz song. :(

Yesterday we found another family the previous sisters were teaching, who would like to continue learning more again! We are excited to work with Norma and her family! Future updates to come! 

Funny story is that yesterday in the Visitors' Center there was a man who was sleeping in one of our teaching rooms on a couch. (A teaching room has a TV and a few chairs and couch and missionaries can reserve one to teach their investigators at the Visitors Center) But apparently this man had been in there sleeping since we opened at 9 am. At that point it was about 2 pm and Sister Ashton asked if we could think of a way to wake him up so others could use the room. So Sister Loynd and I went over and peaked in the little window, and sure enough he was sleeping away. The idea to start a louder video came to my mind, but he had already slept through our loudest movie so we had to try something else. So I decided to use an "I'm a Mormon" video; Sister Loynd suggested Lindsay Stirling because it has loud music. When I looked for it I couldn't find it, but I found Irene Caso, who is a Spanish radio reporter. As soon as I picked it I closed the door, and you could hear "Bueno, Bueno, Bueno, ¿quĆ© tal?" When I looked back he jumped right up, wide awake! I was a little scared what he would do so I kind of ran away a little bit, but he was good. Meanwhile Sister Loynd and Sister Ashton were just cracking up! I have found the new alarm to wake people up in the Visitors Center! :)

Sister Loynd is from Portland and she would love to travel the world! She is a very loving missionary and is very diligent in learning Spanish! It has been great serving with her!

But most importantly this week as we have been working in our area the Lord has blessed us with families to teach and it is an amazing blessing to be able to be a part of their story. And see how the Gospel really does bless families! I know that as we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ  in our lives we have God's sure promise that we will be happy and blessed in this life and also the life to come! Mosiah 2:41 Just keep trying to do your best because that is what matters the most! 

I love you all so much! And hope you have a great week! And look for opportunities to serve others!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart 

I love April so much! And I can't believe I forgot to put it in my
email, but April from my English ward got baptized! She is amazing!
And I am so blessed to know her! She has such a powerful testimony!

Frozen Yogurt with Hermana Loynd

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