Friday, July 29, 2016

Sometimes it Takes Time, and Sometimes it Takes a Baby!

June 13, 2016

Dear familia,
I am happy to hear that the wedding went well and that the rain didn't ruin too much of the party! :) I hope everything this weekend goes well!
What a crazy week here in Mesa! But I loved every minute of it!

Earlier this week we were in our area at night and the Primary president of our ward asked that we visit some of the children that we know, but she didn't and invite their families to come to church and other activities. So when we met up at night she had her baby with her, when she normally leaves all of her children at home with her husband! But little did we know that this baby would be our key into a home that no one has been able to enter for at least several months!  When we knocked on the door, the grandma opened the door and we tried to talk with her a little bit and get to know her but her response to every question was "We don't go to church!". As we tried to help her understand we were there to help her she saw the little baby, Ellie, in Hermana Pimienta's (the Primary president) arms and asked if she could hold the baby. Hermana said yes and handed Ellie over. Well just a few minutes later she asked if she could take Ellie inside, and Hermana was a little hesitant but then said yes if she could come. The grandma went inside with Ellie and Hermana followed her, Sister Loynd and I looked at each other and said "We must be invited by association then..." So we were able to talk with the Gracia family, including the grandma, mother and granddaughter who all live together. It was really amazing to see that an afterthought, or prompting really of Hermana Pimienta, lead to an amazing miracle!

This Sunday we passed by one of our less active members, Tania, to make sure she didn't need any help to get ready for church or to find it. Well we stood outside pounding on her door like the police (last time she didn't hear us) and eventually she came to the door. She had just woken up and it was 10:30 and church 11. She just looked at us and said "What should we do?" and Sister Loynd and I both said, "Get ready for church!" So she returned back to her room to get ready! The problem was that she had 2 of her kids that are 5 and 2 who were still sleeping. We were in this awkward situation where we couldn't get the kids ready and we couldn't help her get ready... so we just awkwardly paced around her apartment trying to find shoes for the kids and put snacks in a container. She finally just told us that she would meet us there even though she will be late! 

The other day we were in the Visitors' Center and we were chatting with people who visited, and Fritz, living in Ghana, came on to chat. He asked that we pray for him and his friends, which then lead into a discussion about what missionaries do and what is our purpose! He is very religious and actually writes religious books! We asked him if he would like to meet with local missionaries and he said yes! Because the organization in Africa is a little bit difficult he gave us his phone number so the missionaries there can call and set up a time and place to meet! How exciting! He is going to meet with missionaries on the other side of the world! He probably had no idea he was chatting with missionaries in Mesa, Arizona! But how amazing it is to see the Lord preparing people to accept the gospel! 

These past few weeks while I have been full-field I haven't had contact with many of my investigators I was teaching online, and so I was able to Facebook message an investigator in Mexico, Paola, who I had been emailing several months before! She had come onto and I was able to chat with her to help her answer some of her questions and then find places she could continue to learn more! She then began going to church with her friend and then meeting with the local missionaries! I messaged her Friday night after 6 weeks of not talking with her and she told me she was going to get baptized on Sunday! And she was! What an amazing miracle! But even on top of that her mother, who is very active of another faith, came to her baptism! She had been praying for that blessing ever since she set a baptism date! Heavenly Father hears our prayers!

I know that Heavenly Father will always provide a way for us to receive the blessings that we need, whether it takes a cute little baby for us to enter a house and allow the family to feel the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them or He touches the hearts for whom we are praying for! I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us! I invite you all to pray to know what Heavenly Father has planned to be your next step, big or small! 

I love you all so much! Have a great week and don't forget to smile! And don't eat too many s'mores at the reception, but eat one for me!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hart

Our investigator's testimony!

He shared how he is grateful for the unconditional love God has for
us! And how he is grateful for all the God has done for him!

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