Sunday, September 25, 2016

Full of surprises :)

August 8, 2016

Dear familia,
I am glad you were able to enjoy some cooler weather this week! And enjoy the Spirit at the baptism! 

This week sure was full of surprises both big and small! Which helps me understand and remember that God is part of the details both big and small!

Earlier this week I was able to contact someone who sent a request for a Bible a while back through As part of my calling in the visitors center, I call those referrals to see if they are interested in meeting with the missionaries. So Josh requested a Bible back in June but asked that it be delivered by mail but it never reached him so I asked again if missionaries could bring it by. Well Josh is from the south and he told us that growing up he was told not to talk with Mormons but he was willing to meet with them one time. Well Wednesday
I talked to him and he has been meeting with the elders every day almost and loves learning more about the gospel. He told me that he was going to get baptized on August 27. The best part was at the end
he said, "who knows some day I might be a Mormon!" His enthusiasm for the gospel is so contagious! It is really amazing to hear how he has progressed!

The other greatest event of this week is Kate, a recent convert from the Netherlands surprised me and came down to visit. It was a complete surprise, and such a sweet blessing to finally get to meet her after
almost 1 year of teaching her online! We didn't get to spend a lot of time together but it was enough for me to get to talk with her even for just a little bit! She is such an inspiration to see her and her desire to share her testimony with others around her!

Yesterday in Relief Society our lesson was on "Accepting the Lord's Timing and Will" by Elder Bednar in this months Ensign. It is so amazing as he teaches the importance to have faith in the timing of the Lord and that His will is what will be best for us. I love his quote by Elder Neal A Maxwell who said, "Not shrinking is more
important than surviving." I know that each one of us will come across challenges that have outcomes that we don't particularly desire but as we have faith and trust that the will of God is what needs to happen
for the best then we can continue on our path of discipleship. So whatever circumstances you are in now have the faith that whatever the end results may 
be, it is for the best!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

       Who knew cheese grew in trees :)                                     Kate came to visit!


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