Sunday, September 25, 2016

He will lead you one way or another! :)

August 1, 2016

Dear Familia,
What a fantastic week! And my testimony of finding those who the Lord has prepared has grown so much this week!

Having an English with Spanish is pretty common because our mission is shrinking because more are going home than we are getting, but it is fun to be a part of both missionary work cultures because they are
completely different! :)

We're were able to visit Miguel for a quick moment on Friday but his family from Mexico surprised him and his family by driving up. Which is not uncommon here in Mesa! You have a family of 5 and suddenly you
have like 30 people staying at your house! Crazy but fun!

On Monday night after a lesson we had we weren't having much luck finding people at home and we had gone through most of our back up plans. Well we finally came down to one of the potential investigators
we had listed who only had the address of an apartment complex and nothing else and so we decided we should give it a try. So we get to the complex and we say a prayer to be guided to someone who had been
prepared to receive the gospel. After we left the car there was one apartment with its light on. We went and knocked on the door and the man, Luciano, first asked us which church we were from and after we
answered he asked for the Book of Mormon! We handed him off to the English elders and he is now progressing towards baptism! :)

Thursday in the visitors center Sister Freckleton had the really awesome experience to give a tour to some young men from a local shelter and they were all from different parts of Central and South America. And it was just a really neat experience for me to share my testimony with other youth from all over the world! And it just amazes
me how the Lord provides a way to provide for His children because He knows where they are!

On Friday there was a storm and we were struggling to find people in their homes and so we decided to stop by a new investigator's apartment. When we knocked on the door a woman answered the door who was the wife of the new investigator. Well she at first wasn't all too excited we were on her front step, but with pity she opened the door because we were all wet. We then started to teach her and she has met with missionaries in the past and we could see the Spririt working within. At the end of the lesson she opened up to us a little bit about the family struggles she is going through and said we could come back! It was an amazing storm miracle!

Something Sister Feckleton and I then talked about was the symbolism of the storm miracles that happen. Because really they are the miracles that take place in our lives during and after some of the roughest parts of our lives! And it is because we are more submissive and more willing to be lead by the hand of God to be where He wants us to be and do what He wants us to do! So if you feel like you are in your own storm, turn towards Heavenly Father because He will guide you to the right, safe place!

I love you all so much! Keep enjoying your last bit of summer! Have a fabulous week!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

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