Sunday, September 25, 2016

With Real Intent

August 15, 2016

Dear familia,

Things were pretty cool with a few storms for a while but have heated back up here in Mesa and I had successful car cookies to prove it! :)

We did have interviews with President and Sister Townsend! And I loved it! It was a little different because normally with President and Sister Jenkins we talked about Meridian for a little bit. But I am so
grateful I have the opportunity to serve with them! I love how they are very much black and white with the rules and what is written in the white handbook, the missionary rule book pretty much!

Another eventful week has come and gone all too quickly here in Mesa! One of the greatest themes I saw from this week is that those who are truly searching with real desire and are willing to act receive the
revelation they are looking for!

Earlier this week we were in the Visitors Center at night and Sister Loynd, my previous companion, and I were on exchanges when this woman came in a little hesitant because she wasn't quite sure what to do. As
we began to talk to her it turns out that she started reading the Book of Mormon in March when she found it in a drawer when she was on a business trip. She has been reading for almost EVERY day! She wants to
continue to learn but wasn't quite sure how to go about it so she decided to give the visitors center a shot! She is going to meet with the local missionaries in California. But it was an amazing blessing to be a part of the steps of her coming to Christ and seeing her true desire to do it!

The other experience from this week would be when I was in the Visitors Center on exchanges again but with an English sister, Sister McSheehy. The English sisters came and got me for a tour in Spanish. Which it was a man with a young family who had hired the man to paint their house and shared the gospel with him the best they could with their broken Spanish and his broken English. They came to the visitors center to help him receive more help in learning more! They mentioned how he cried as they testified that God loves him and that he can
become better! It was amazing to hear how the Lord has been preparing him! And it was a blessing to be to be able to testify to him about the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! That is by far one of
my favorite parts of being a missionary!

Just liking being a missionary, one of my greatest desires is to share something that has blessed my life.  I have to share one of the greatest talks I have read in my life! "Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ" by
Elder Neal A Maxwell. It has helped me continue to morph my view of my mission and my purpose as we are sharing a message with other people not only to help relieve them from the weight of sin but also apply the
enabling power in their lives! I invite you all to look it up in the October 1997 conference. Go and read it because your lives will be changed for the better!

I love you all! Hope you have a great week! Have lots of fun in Utah!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart


You know it is hot when you need a pot holder for your doorknob!                            Car baked cookies!

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