Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Little Here, a Little There

October 17, 2016

Dear Familia,

Can I just say I love being a missionary! In the words of Chris Cook from the "A Book of Mormon Story" Mormon message,"it is a little experience here on this [day], little experience on that [day]!" And if you haven't seen that video I invite you to watch it!

Earlier this week we had a fantastic lesson with Francisco who is preparing for baptism at the beginning of November! We were talking about the word of wisdom and he mentioned all of the changes he has
been making in his life with the help of his member girlfriend! :) and we invited him to live the word of wisdom and he said "of course, they are part of the laws of life!" :) it was so sweet! :)

On Wednesday we got to be a part of one of the best service projects of my mission! We planted flowers on the temple and visitors center grounds! It was so much fun and now every day when we go to the visitors center for our shift we see the flowers we got to help plant! :) It was so much fun to serve with the sisters in the visitors center in a different way! :)

I am so grateful for Google! On Friday this couple visiting from England came into the visitors center and at first they seemed a little lost and as we approached them they asked if they could have a tour! We said "of course!" They were really interested in who missionaries are, so we headed over towards an exhibit we have about
missionaries! We asked them how they found the visitors center and they said they just googled things to do in Mesa! What!?! After watching a video about a missionary, we invited them to meet with missionaries in England when they return home and they said yes! We then got to share with them a Book of Mormon! Komiko, the woman, mentioned that she hoped to make it up to Salt Lake to the visit the temple! The Lord is guiding his people from all over and sometimes Google can help!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk in sacrament meeting about tools that the Lord has given members in order to do missionary work! And let me just say that there are lots! :) But all of us 7 missionaries (2 sisters and 5 elders) in the ward had the opportunity to share our testimonies, just some of us were able to be a little
more prepared because we were asked last week! :) I invite you all to review Elder Anderson's talk, A Witness of God, from General Conference! It is so amazing about member missionary work!

I feel so blessed and grateful that I have been able to serve pretty much in two areas in my mission! And as I was able to share my testimony from yesterday it made me reflect on how much it has grown since the first time I ever bore my testimony on my mission! I am so grateful for all of the little and big experiences I have had on the
mission and how much I have learned! It is always so amazing to see what each day has in store!

I love you all so much! And hope you have an exciting week full of fun activities! :)

Hermana Hart

At a zone dinner last Monday I caught two bees using cups, 
a new found talent? I think so! :)

I made little German Pancakes in pie tins because you 
do with what you have sometimes! :)

Planting at the temple

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