Sunday, October 23, 2016

Attitude of Gratitude

September 26, 2016

Dear familia!

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather and the different colors! I am not quite sure if Arizona has a fall necessarily but the weather in the 80-90s are great!

This week has been really focused on gratitude, and I have learned so much!

Lately, Sister Alarcon and I have been talking about the importance of understanding and appreciating the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how that effects us! Amazingly enough on Friday morning in our prep
meeting in the visitors center we had a guest speaker from the Tempe Institute come talk to us about developing faith in Jesus Christ and he discussed gratitude! I never realized how important the role of gratitude plays in faith!

One of the greatest events this week that I am grateful for is going to the temple! I feel so blessed to serve in a mission where we get to go the temple every 6 weeks! It is one of the greatest blessings our Heavenly Father has given us to be able to receive direction from Him! I would urge you to go to the temple more often and I promise you that the blessings will follow!

I am also grateful for the nights where nothing goes as planned because that allows us to see the hand of the Lord throughout the whole night! On Thursday, all of our set lessons fell through, but every other door we knocked on someone opened the door! It was such a blessing and an amazing reminder that the Lord is part of all the little details! We were able to invite a less active family to church Thursday night and they were there yesterday! Which was amazing! :)

I know that as we continue to study about the Savior and increase our understanding of the Atonement our desire to be obedient and our love for Him will increase! And as we express our gratitude for what He did
for us, we will see a difference in our relationship with Him! I would suggest reading Gratitude for the Atonement from the June 2007 Ensign! It is so powerful!

I am so grateful to be a missionary and be a part of the work of the Lord! I know He loves all of His children and wants them to be happy! Living the gospel leads people to be happy! It is our choice to live
the gospel! I hope you choose to live it because I know that it is the best way and only way to live to return back to Heavenly Father!

I love you all! Have a great week! Enjoy General Conference!

Hermana Hart

Christmas lights are going up!

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