Sunday, October 23, 2016

Personal Revelation and Guidance

 October 3, 2016

Dear Familia!

What a fantastic week and weekend! I loved Conference so much, and not just because it talked a lot about missionary work! :) But I love how every time I watch General Conference my testimony of the church
leaders being called and inspired by God is always strengthened! I know that President Monson is the living prophet called of God to lead us today!

Earlier this week we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Francisco! He is the boyfriend of one of the members of our ward and he has really progressed so much! He is so amazing and has asked for
an hour off every Sunday to come to sacrament meeting! But we had a lesson about repentance, and he told us about the changes he has made in his life! He then all of a sudden brought up baptism by himself!
Repentance really does lead to baptism! But it was really amazing to hear about how he is changing his life to bring more joy into his life like President Nelson talked about!

We watched General Conference at the visitors center for all the sessions because we were on shift! But it was so much fun to be able to watch it with all of the sisters! We had other members come watch it with us, and some of them even brought in cinnamon rolls! It was great!

There were lots of different themes in Conference but a big one I think was repentance and how it leads us to joy in our lives! My time here in Mesa has really taught me that! The path of repentance may not always be the easiest or the most comfortable but it always brings joy! I love the description in the scriptures that says "[the Lord] also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ"(Alma 31:38). I know that is true! We can always find joy as we turn towards Christ!

I loved the talk by Elder Peter Meur about preparing for the sacrament! I love how simple it is to prepare for it but sometimes we forget that there are little things we can do to make the most of what we are already doing!

The other night we were out with our member and she asked if we could go visit her friend who said she would like to meet with the missionaries! So we went out searching for her but we couldn't seem to find her! But we were crunched in time so we pulled up to the last house we thought it could be! I could tell it wasn't the right house because we were looking for 305 and it was 431! I felt like we should knock on the door anyways so we did! We found Berenice who has friends who are members of the Church but she hadn't really ever talked with
her about the gospel! We shared with her a message about eternal families and she said we could come back! It was amazing!

I am so grateful for personal revelation and the gift of the Holy Ghost which allows us to be better! And helps us know what Heavenly Father wants us to do! I love being a missionary! I love you all so
much! I am so grateful for you!

Hermana Hart

Sometimes your companion makes you                                                  The Heuers in Arizona!
a third companion out of carrots
and peanut butter :)

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