Sunday, October 16, 2016

Preparing at all Ages!

September 5, 2016

Dear familia!

It is so great that you were able to enjoy your time in McCall, even with the overflowing church building! Things were actually significantly cooler here in Mesa as well! In fact we walked out of our apartment Sunday morning at 6:45 am and we both mentioned that it was chilly as it was 85* outside! That is so sad! :)

I have to say that time just seems to be flying by! And I would love to find a way to slow time down! But for now I am just enjoying every minute I can!

This week was transfers and I stayed in my area, except I am serving in a different area of our Spanish ward, Liahona 1st. Tuesday was full of anticipation as Sister Freckleton and I were both preparing to pick up our new trainees from the mission office! So my new companion is Hermana Alarcon from South Dakota! The first missionary I have met from South Dakota and she is my companion! :) She is so much fun and we laugh a good portion of the day!

Tuesday night was a little interesting because we didn't have our digital areabook for our Spanish area yet so we did some rearranging to meet some of our new investigators! :) But it was great because the majority of my area is where I served a year ago when I first got to the mission! 

On Thursday we had a lesson with Ronaldo and Jennifer, who are siblings and the other hermanas of our ward were teaching and they are amazing! They have so many amazing questions like who Jesus Christ is and why He is important! And they are only 12 and 15! The Lord truly prepares everyone no matter what age for the gospel! :)

Later that evening, we asked one of our members from our Spanish ward to come out with us to go find some of our investigators, and as we were leaving her house we got a call from the visitors center saying that David was there for a lesson! David is an investigator from our English ward, who happens to speak Spanish and the member knows some English so we just went with it! :) We explained the situation to both of them, as we started teaching David about temples we realized he doesn't know the gospel language in Spanish. Coming from experience of learning Spanish on the mission, the gospel should count as another language in of itself! But it was so sweet to see how Hermana Martinez shared her testimony about overcoming the word of wisdom! Because that is what David is working on! :) Overall I am grateful the Spirit doesn't work with only one specific language! :)

On Sunday, Hermana Alarcon and I had the opportunity to talk to the primary about being missionaries now and so we made these cute little missionaries that we dressed up as we talked about what they can do! It was so much fun to be with the little primary kids and to feel their spirit to be missionaries! The Lord prepares His missionaries while they are young! :)

I am so grateful to be a missionary in the Arizona Mesa Mission! And I know that each one of you have missionary work that the Lord needs you to do! No matter where you are at! Look for them throughout your day! 

Love you! Have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

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