Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Joy in the Gospel!

August 29, 2016

Dear familia,

This week has truly gone by like a blur! But it has been a very good blur! :)

At the beginning of the week we had the opportunity to eat dinner with some of the elders' investigators, Leti and Pablo. She was so excited to have us over that on Sunday, that is what she wanted to talk about after church! And we were supposed to be in the visitors center for dinner but she wanted to make sure we'd be there, so we made arrangements to be there! When we arrived, we soon realized she was about to give us all that she had, but she did it with so much love! My heart was so touched to see her desire to serve in the best way she
knew how! :)

This weekend we had the baptism of Lesly, an 11 year old of a part member family! They are the family I met with Hermana Gonzalez! Now with the baptism of Lesly, her parents are preparing for the temple! It is so exciting to see how much their family has progressed in the gospel and how happy they are! Hermana gave the talk about baptism but shared how baptism is only one more step their family is taking to enjoy the blessing and the joy that comes through the gospel!

We had a tiny Skype with Kate, as she will be heading back to the Netherlands to finish her last few semesters of school! It is amazing to see the joy that she has experienced through living the gospel in her life every time we skype with her!

Yesterday as we were leaving the visitors center to go to the confirmation of Lesly, a girl was looking at the front desk. We asked her if she needed help and she told us that she was just looking, so as we are halfway down the ramp outside she comes back out and with tears in her eyes asks if we could share our testimony with her. We
walk back inside and we sit down in the Christus room and begin to get to know her. She is in a very difficult situation as she is almost 19 and married outside of the Church and has lost the blessings of the gospel in her life! It was so sad to see her so broken down, but it was so amazing to see her as we shared our testimonies of hope of the gospel! This is why I am a missionary! To bring hope and joy to others through Jesus Christ and His gospel!

I know that the gospel can bring us the greatest joy in our life no matter our circumstances! I would invite you to read "It works wonderfully!" by President Uchtdorf! It is amazing to help us understand how we can apply the gospel in our lives to achieve Heavenly Father's promised blessings!

I love you all! And hope you have a fantastic week!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

Temple trip with Sister Freckleton!

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