Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Miracle of a Referral :)

September 12, 2016

Dear familia,

What a crazy full week! And it has been a great one!

Things have been cooling down here in Mesa to a good 90* average which has been nice! :)

My companion is doing great! And I am still a visitors' center trainer and training the new English visitors' center trainer, Sister Parke, with the duties we have to do in the visitors' center at the same time I am training Hermana Alarcon. Sister Parke and I are not companions and we are each in charge of a shift which this transfer is 5 set of sisters. But it is such a blessing to serve with all of the sisters in the visitors center! :)

Throughout this week and last we have come across these youth who are sisters, Zanab, Sarah and Fatima, every time we stop by to visit some of our other investigators! Whenever we pull up and are saying our prayer before we get out of the car they are running out their door to come say hi and talk with us! They are super sweet! We are going to have an actual lesson with them this week, and when we gave them a Restoration pamphlet and they told us to quiz them on it before our lesson! :) They live in our Spanish area and they are an English and Arabic speaking family, so if they want to continue to learn we will have to give them to the English missionaries in the area! :( But they are so AMAZING!

This week we visited with the Martinez family, and since Lesly's baptism a few weeks ago, the parents have been taking temple preparation classes and they only have 2 left! So there have been so many amazing changes in this family and they are so close to receiving the blessings of an eternal family! :) So more to come with them! 

On Friday we had exchanges and I was with Sister Ventanilla, who came out with me from the MTC!  And we had such a fun lesson about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis as we talked about burying our weapons of war/ being obedient with Josh who is a 9 year old investigator of a part member family! It was so much fun! But because we couldn't bury our Popsicle sticks with how we will be more obedient like we usually do, we took off our headbands of rebellion (ties)! :) It was so great!  We had received a referral earlier in the day for Amber and we went to go stop by later that evening. When we get there we found out that Amber is a member who was baptized 2 years ago in Georgia! We also talked with her mom who is not a member, Gloria! They didn't feel comfortable going to church because they didn't know the building so we set up a tour with them on Saturday! Everything was going to work out on Saturday until we showed up and there was a funeral and the whole church parking lot was filled with cars! It was probably one of the best attended funeral services I have ever seen! So we went to the visitors' center down the street instead! But they came to church yesterday! :) 

One of the greatest miracles of this week was that Josh, an online referral, was baptized this week! About 3 months ago Josh requested a Bible and asked that I just mail it to him because he didn't want any contact with the church. But after a few weeks and it hadn't arrived he said that he would allow the elders to come by but, "if they say something I don't like, I am going to throw them out!" Needless to say that he didn't throw them out, but continued to meet with them and was baptized this weekend! I think one of the greatest tender mercies this week was when he sent me a message on Facebook saying "Muchos gracias hermana! Hope I said that right". It was super sweet! 

I know that there are miracles in referrals from investigators, members and even self-referrals! And this week my testimony has grown so much of that! I would invite you all to read/watch/listen to "The Summer of the Lambs" by Sister Jayne B Malan General Conference October 1989. I am so grateful to serve here in Mesa and also have the opportunity to teach people all around the world! :) 

Have a fantastic week! I love you all so much! And I am so very grateful for your love and support! Keep working hard! :)

Con amor,
Hermana Hart

Josh's Baptism in South Carolina

Both sisters I trained! 

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