Sunday, October 16, 2016

Walking by Faith

September 19, 2016

Dear familia,

What a crazy full week this was! But those are always the best! Something that really seemed to be the theme for this week is acting on the knowledge that we have and being willing to act with faith! 

We are still working on meeting all of our investigators from our Spanish area, and so on Tuesday night we had all of the set lessons but we felt like we needed to go find our investigators we haven't met yet. Well Heavenly Father worked everything out for us because all of our set appointments cancelled but it was definitely a tender mercy! We were able to meet many of our investigators and it was interesting to see where they were all at in the process of conversion, some more willing to change and act than others even with similar understanding. But there was one woman, Gloria, she let us in even though it was really late and she mentioned she thought the sisters didn't want to see her any more. But we explained the situation and invited her to church and she said yes! Even though a lot is going on in her life, she willingly acted with faith and came to church with her daughter yesterday! 

But the other side miracle of Tuesday night is that we found Tania and her family, who I previously taught in my other area! She is the inactive member, who knew nothing about the gospel! She had moved away and the sisters who are serving in my previous area had no idea how to contact her, but Heavenly Father knew and she now lives in my area again! :D

The following day we had a lesson with another investigator, Flor, who was being taught by the other sisters. As we were talking with her she bore her testimony that she knows these things are true! And she wants to go to church but is concerned about keeping her job, but she mentioned that she found a new job where she doesn't have to work on Sundays or Saturdays! And so we are working with her to act on her faith that has grown through reading the Book of Mormon and praying that she will be able to attend church! 

Friday we had zone conference! And it was so amazing to learn more about how we can be more effective missionaries! We talked about asking for referrals from everyone! This is something that we are taught even in the MTC and it really dawned on me the importance in acting according to our knowledge that there are things that are more than just great ideas, but they are things that when we do them we will be blessed! Truly that is what this life is for increasing our knowledge and acting upon what we learn! And as we do so we prepare ourselves to meet God! And to exercise our faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement! When that happens we repent, or become changed! :)

Yesterday in the visitors' center we were talking with a man, who was looking at the new picture gallery we have by Liz Lemon Swindle, of Peter being saved by Christ after he has begun to sink! We had a great conversation about the importance of exercising our faith and trusting that Christ will always be there to help us! Sometimes we let other things distract us but really as we focus on Christ and act on our faith, then we will never "sink"! 

I know that is true! That Christ always has His hands ready to help us and that we can always trust in him! I invite you to read Matthew 14 towards the end of the story of Peter walking on water and put yourself in his shoes! I know that we can all continue to strengthen our faith in Christ and act accordingly! 

I hope you all enjoy your next week! Love you!

Con amor,
Hermana Hart


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