Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blast From the Past!

October 31, 2016

Dear Familia,

This week was really amazing and we worked in our area and at the visitors center! It is so great to be a missionary! :)

On Tuesday we had the chance to meet a family that recently moved into our area from Phoenix! The 2 teenage boys, Jairo and Anthony, were baptized earlier in the year and so the previous missionaries were working with the parents! It was so amazing because when we asked the parents when they have seen the hand of the Lord in their lives, they replied by sharing the conversion stories of their sons! We are so excited to continue to work with the whole family!

Wednesday night in the visitors center was crazy busy, like it usually is for a mutual night, but this time it was full of other missionaries bringing their investigators! There was a point that all the sisters, including the senior sister on shift was on a tour! Which was fantastic! :)

Thursday night we were teaching an investigator that I had met when I was in this area 2 transfers ago, who hadn't been taught since I had met him the first time. (So like 3 months) And while we were teaching Juan, his friends knocked on his door and he invited them to listen too! Little did we know that one of them was a potential in our area book! We were able to teach them all about the restoration! The crazy thing was that they all already had a Book of Mormon, so some member or another missionary already started planting the seed!

Friday morning we had our last storytime until next year! That is when we act out the stories from the scriptures and sing primary songs with little kids in the visitors center! It is always so much fun to see the faces of the little kids light up as we share the stories they know and as they participate! This week I was Jonah from Jonah and the whale! :)

We are teaching an apartment of dads with a few kids who have recently moved from Guatemala! They are so amazing! This Friday was our ward party for Halloween and because they have only recently moved to the states, they had no idea what that was! So we called a few members and we found the kids costumes to borrow and a member to give them a ride! Everything worked out, and I don't think those kids have ever been so happy as they were with other kids and eating candy! It was so precious to see how content their dads were to see their kids happy. :) I don't think they have ever eaten a cupcake before because they ate like 5 each, including their dads! :) I just hope they didn't have a stomach ache the next day. :)

I love being a missionary and I think one of the many reasons why is because as a missionary I have been able to become more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ! This week I read an awesome talk called "When Thou Art Converted" from April 2004 by Elder Christofferson! It is so amazing and I invite you all to read it and also apply it!

I hope you are all safe and sound tonight and that you can become a little more converted to the gospel and the Lord this week! Love you all so much!

Hermana Hart

Our cute friends from Guatemala :)

Dinner with our member who is 97 years old ❤️


Storytime with Sister Ashton