Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Helping Hand

November 7, 2016

Dear Familia,

I don't even know where to begin! Sometimes we have an idea of how our
week is going to turn out and sometimes those things happen and
sometimes they don't.  This week was a don't, but in a miracle filled
way! :)

For a fun side of the week, for Halloween the mission split into 3
groups and we spent our three hours last Monday, playing games,
finding ancestors and watched the new Meet the Mormons which was so
much! And the next day at MLC, Sister Townsend talked about the
importance of cheering on the other missionaries in their missionary
work, like we did in the activities!

On Wednesday night we were in our area and all of our set lessons fell
through, but it all worked out because we were able to meet with
several of the people we had met earlier in the transfer! :) And as
our last lesson, we stopped by Magdalena and she recently moved from
Guatemala, but not as part of the group of our friends at the
Halloween party. We had a set lesson with her on Friday night but
Hermana Alarcon felt that we should stop by earlier. So we went and
she even gathered her two sons to listen to the lesson! :) They all
were super excited to read the Book of Mormon! This great lesson was
definitely inspired because Friday just before our lesson, she called
us to cancel because someone was going to take her grocery shopping!
The Lord definitely always provides a way! :)

Friday we had an awesome preparation meeting in the visitors center in
the morning, where Sister Farr, who is in charge of the Christmas
lights, came to talk with us to help us be excited! Which I already am
so excited! Now I am super excited for all the miracles to come! And
it was amazing to hear all of the tender little mercies and miracles
that happen during Christmas lights! A big part is how nonmembers feel
when they come to the grounds, the peace and the uplifting spirit they
feel always brings them back, not even knowing why! :)

Yesterday we were out reminding people about church and we stopped by
the family who recently moved from Phoenix. Jairo, the youngest son,
was home by himself with his cousin, but we invited them to come to
church and they came! It is so awesome to have members who are so
willing to help out and support us in any aspect, as some nearby
members stopped by to give them a ride! :)

I think it is amazing to see how everyone can be a part of missionary
work! Sometimes it just looks a little different for each person! And
I know that as we seek out help and inspiration from Heavenly Father,
He will guide us to how we can be a part of His great work! I just
want to invite you to read Elder Anderson's talk and pray to know how
you can help put one more piece into the puzzle!

I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!

Hermana Hart

Some sisters took the keys to the van, but left it unlocked, so we had a
planning party, until they came back with the keys.

Hieroglyphics hike with some sisters